( looks like a Steely Dan medallion-thing but: that’s the Silver Bullet, man )

The culmination of many years of wishing, for me. Seems it was about a year and a half, maybe two years ago that I was on the road somewhere and happened to actually READ one of my junk emails, which turned out to be about coming concerts in Denver, and: Bob Seger was coming to town. I was buying tix a few minutes later—and paying more for them than I’ve paid for some trucks I’ve o…

Ridiculous: solely because of this fun thread, I suspect, this weekend while I was laid up with a three-day fever and a cough I thought would hollow me out completely, leave nothing but a husk of a dude behind, I ended up putting in the extended edition of Fellowship. Still good as ever (though, first time I saw it, Boromir wasn’t Eddard Stark…), and now I have to find like eight hours to finish the trilogy. But it’ll be worth it. Again.

Because I likely won’t remember to give attribution for each link, I’ll just say it here: probably three-quarters of these paleo type links are from a friend, Joe Lansdale (and all the Apple ones are from my wife). Just, don’t want to pretend I have my thumb on all the good pulses. Rather, I know people with those thumbs. Anyway, on with the reads, starting with the longer stuff:

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