Man, looks like I’m just embedding tweets here all day—I did just wrap an extensive novel rewrite about five minutes ago—but, here’s another one, a good one, an important one:

Oh, and while I DID once somehow embed the whole thread of a cool tweet, I don’t know how or why that happened. So, click the tweet, go to birdland, read the thread. I mean, if you want. Or you can watch Supernatural s.13, which has been my carrot for wrapping this rewrite . . .


Tom Paris, saying aloud the creed I live by, pretty much. And? This is my only persistent problem with intergalactic humans in stories: they always come out of warp at some Mos Eisley of a truckstop and just eat whatever’s being served. I can’t help but think that would be instant death. Not just of the soul, but the gut, since no way can we have the proper enzymes to digest some vending machine egg-salad fossil from another solar system.

Also, while I’m posting Voyager stuff—been burning back through the series this summer, as the last time I saw it I was just starting grad school, and the world was moving very very fast—here’s Seven of Nine, saying what’s also in my heart at any and all parties, dinners, and receptions:


Stumbled onto this Vamp poster on Twitter, which got me thinking of The Howling novel cover, and now I’m just wishing there were covers as good for any version of The Mummy. There’s wonderful amazing stuff in places like this or this or this, but, man, for me, it’s when the art and the title combine to ‘evoke’ the movie in a way you didn’t even realize was missing:


And, if there’s monsters and blood, all the better. Obviously.

And, as for ones that stuck it the first time, didn’t need reimagining, there’s these. And, of course, where would any of us be without Ubik (Pinterest is a twitchy page, though, careful—at least if, like me, you don’t belong). Though, PKD, man, so much of his stuff got such cool covers.

Anyway, mostly just wanted to show Vamp and The Howling side by side.



Every year when I cobble together some best-of-the-year list from half-remembered this and that, I always end up remembering stuff from the last few months instead of the whole year, and feeling like that’s all unfair. So, in an effort to work around that, and trusting that I actually come back and LOOK at this in five months, but mostly because I’m just now thinking of it, here’s my favorites so far:

Comic Book:

Exclusive preview: Jeff Lemire's Descender Volume 1: Tin ...

Everything here is just working so well: the world is deep and well thought-through, the characters are engaging, the dialogue is spot-on, the art is evocative and expressive, and just the, the comic booking, it’s firing on every cylinder there is. Too, I wonder if vol.2 of My Favorite Thing is Monsters is slated for this year? If so, that could contend with Descender. For my money, not sure what else could.

Horror Novel:

New Stephen King Novel 'The Outsider' Cover Revealed

This is King in high, high form. Dude’s just so good on the page, so good in this novel. It’s got the kind of . . .  I’ve heard it called ‘geezer lit,’ I guess, but it’s got that going on—and that’s a compliment, understand—which we know and love from the Bill Hodges trilogy, but more than that, it’s got some killer horror, and the kind of premise that is also the pitch, which is what you always want with a story. Seriously, The Outsider is very, very good.

Fantasy Novel:

The Qwillery

Yeah, that there’s a 72 Chevy on the cover does kind of automatically mean I’ll love this book. But the story and the world and the writing are also all there, and working perfectly. This is the strongest debut I’ve seen in a long while—well, since Andy Davidson’s In the Valley of the Sun, anyway. So excited for the next one.

Science Fiction Novel:

What am I doing with my life that I don’t think I have one of these yet? I actually read more sf than horror, even. No excuse. Well, except I forgot to write something down. Martha Wells’ Murderbot stuff’s fun, but that’s novella. I’m about to read Scalzi’s Head-on, which I know will be a blast. Weird that this category is empty. Kind of suspicious I forgot to write something down. I feel books slipping through my fingers . . .

Non-horror book:

Far and away, this book. This dude can seriously write. I learned so much about exposition-handling and pacing from reading this book, but I was also getting some fascinating, compelling information and dramatizations. Was cool that the writer was the voice on the audio version, too. Can’t recommend this one enough:

Book that isn’t Horror but is ABOUT Horror:

A new category, yeah. Can’t seem to dredge up a high-res image (would scan mine in, except it’s miles from me right now), but this should do:

bookish – Stephen Graham Jones

Horror Movie (Theatrical):

Awesome New Poster for 'The Strangers: Prey at Night ...

This movie does it all, and does it so well: gore, jumpscares, soundtrack, heart, great final girl—it’s like it’s made to order especially for me. And? I didn’t much care for the first installment in this series. This one’s completely better, though. Also, you see I slipped that “Theatrical” in up there. It’s cheating, just so I can get these two VODs in:

RLJ Entertainment & AMC’s SHUDDER Sign Up For Some “Mayhem”RLJ Entertainment & AMC’s SHUDDER ...

Mom and Dad | Teaser Trailer

Non-Horror Movie:

The Rider (2018) Poster #1 - Trailer Addict

This movie, man. Wow. Also? This is like exactly where and how I grew up: we all knew, in high school, that rodeo was our only real way out. I fully expect this one to sweep all the awards. However, talking non-horror but still pretty brutal, Cold Hell does everything right:

Shudder shocker “COLD HELL” sets premiere date to chill you | Rue Morgue

If The Hitman’s Bodyguard was 2018, it’d definitely be up here as well. Coco too. And, man, Uncle Drew: that movie’s got it going on. Really dug it. It might be up there with The Rider by December.


This is trickier, as I never seem to watch things when they’re actually going on. I mean, Superstore, sure, but it’s off-season right now. And there’s no Breaking Bad or Deadwood or Hannibal happening that I know of (is there? I mean, GoT’s on hiatus . . .). So, for me, what I can’t wait to get to the next episode of, and will be through with by year’s end, I expect, is:

Justified TV Series Raylan Givens HD Wallpapers HQ Wallpapers - Free Wallpapers Free HQ ...

I think the short seasons of this really condense the story such that each episode is revealing and exciting and funny and painful and sexy and action-y—all the things we come to drama for.

And, I should really figure out what my favorite stand-up special’s been—Chappelle, of course, but which Chappelle—and I need a podcast category as well (Shock Waves or Supporting Characters or Switchblade Sisters . . .), and probably music/album as well (like I’ve ever been up-to-date with that since 1988?), but, right now, it’s time to get back to either reworking the now-novel or audiobooking another chapter of Dan Simmons’ The Terror* or slamming through to the end of Steve Alten’s excellent-so-far Meg, so as to be ready for the movie in August.

Anyway, July-deep into 2018, those up there are where it’s been at for me—wait, wait, impulse category:

Best Meme:

Who knows when it’s actually from, but I only saw it a few months ago. Everything that’s inside me, it’s in this image, this text, this perfect union of the two:


* I keep wanting the monster to be a giant ice sloth that’s gone marine somehow, though I’d halfway guess it may actually be an Alaskan Bull Worm 

 (please don’t tell me)

I mean, unless it IS from SpongeBob . . .




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