Of course I have slightly different choices/emphases—that’s part of the fun of making lists: they’re always unique to you, and always and definitely “right”—but, man, I really dig the stills they cycled through for this:

their whole write-up, in case the video blinks to “unavailable” (the video IS embedded there, and is on YouTube here)

As for my, say, top THREE, it’d be m…

Usually don’t put words in these, but this is the first for the year, and this year’s going to look different. Not just the running title (different titles make them easier to search), but how movie and tv heavy these’ll all likely be for at least the first half of the year. Because? Reading for the World Fantasy Awards, but shouldn’t really be saying what’s my favorite books and stories and novellas and whatnot. Result: movie and tv heavy best-…

Oh, man, this thing I’m writing, it’s one word away from clicking over into official novel land. And it’s almost two-thirds done, maybe, hopefully:

Would jam through to the end in a few days, but I got a script-thing and a story on February deadline, and, I mean, February is coming up pretty fast . . .

And, for kicks and grins, here’s the playlist I’m cueing up many times a day, since . . . I don’t know: January second, it maybe was? Somewhere a…

Needed to find a story for somebody, made a wrong click, stumbled into a dead link, and found that, over the last three or four months, man, a lot of those story links have quit going anywhere good. Apologies for that. I miss “Bestiary” being out there, readable. And, goodbye to “Hemingway Hills in the Afternoon,” a story I wrote in the late nineties, I think, about a new puppy we’d just got, and would have for thirteen years. “The Ones who G…

Which, before I get into it, let me say: I’m the last dude who should ever do a how-to on anything, except maybe writing a novel or a story. But maybe not even that. However, got one of those 3/4 scale 1-Up Galaga machines for Christmas, and of course love love love it. However? I’m six-plus feet tall, so this of course doesn’t quite work:

( basketball artfully included for size comparison )

Anyway, a quick search of YouTube showed there’s plenty of heigh

The “Though it hasn’t yet posted a profit” part is maybe the best, here, though “electronic mail” and “cellular phone” are pretty fun too:


Crazy, too, remembering how revolutionary this was, once upon a time. The world was changing with each word he said, yes?

( this is good to watch just to know how to present, too )

Too, of course, Bowie saw it all coming:


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