I got no business sharing Instagram stuff, as I don’t move around in there, but man, this is the best strip I’ve found in a while:

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u n s a f e

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found it on Twitter:

So, I ‘m not really one to snap a pic of my food (unless it’s Whataburger) (but even then I usually just do the receipt, or the wrappers), but if I’m at The World Famous Dark Horse Bar and Grill at 3:15 in an otherwise normal afternoon, ordering fried zucchini:

( hold the mushrooms please, always, thank you )

Then that can pretty much only mean one thing: finished another novel. Which, I DID just type ‘wrapped’ another novel in there, but, do you eve…

Not the order to watch them in—chronological makes sense, there’s no skip ‘n pick Heather trilogy here—but from best on down, for me:

Scream 3 Poster Design Concepts

Which I guess would be “Kevin Williamson order,” kind of? He is the one with the magic pen for this franchise. Anyway, when Scre4m came out, I wasn’t so hot on it, as I recall. Few rewatches later and I’m a believer. And I don’t mean to talk bad about 3, of course; Ehren Kr…

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