• boxwino

    Love these posts. Helps point the way to great things I may have missed. Here is some pay back for the recommends:

    If you have Shudder check out:
    1. Darkest Night: A Podcast Experience (a horror anthology story podcast done right)
    2. If you haven’t seen these jappense found footage horror movies, defintley check them out: NOROI: THE CURSE (on shudder) and Occult (watch this one first, it came out in 2009 and is only on Youtube w subtitles here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I6qri3HnUQQ). Best to just hit play and go in cold on these two. Hard to forget them once you’ve seen them

    3. Scifi novel that feels like someone published a long lost Matheson manuscript found hidden away in a trunk somewhere, Sea of Rust by C. . Robert Cargill, a great read that takes place in a post apocalypse where robots murdered off humanity and a solitary self aware robot scavenges the wasteland. Heard about this one of Joe Hill’s twitter, v solid.

    – Dustin

    • Stephen Graham Jones

      thanks. just subscribed to that podcast. always on the hunt for good ones. didn’t know those films, either. and, I do have Shudder, yep.

      • Will C.

        Noroi is one of my favorites. I second that recommendation. I think it’s so much better than Occult or any of the other movies Kōji Shiraishi has done. But I suppose all his films are worth watching.