Canceled Shows I Still Carry a Torch For






And, two that “finished,” but maybe didn’t get to quite go their intended distance:



Uncoincidentally? Deadwood and Hannibal are my two favorite things to ever happen to television. So it probably stands to reason that I’m A) going to want more, and B) going to suspect they didn’t get a fair shake.

  • Pablo D’Stair

    Nowhere Man is one of the finest shows ever–miles ahead of its time and (this is not something I say lightly) the only true relation/corollary to McGoohan’s The Prisoner–each sublimely disguised as thier respective eras and playing the same games with their zeitgeist’s tools. Truly brilliant and underrated, I find, even by those who love it. I was once going to write a book length work about it, haha. Doesn’t surprise me a bit to discover you dug it, Jones. Cheers.

  • Stephen Graham Jones

    I should add here, or somewhere, that, yes, DEADWOOD and HANNIBAL are two of my favorites that maybe didn’t quite get to finish. But, my favorite that actually got to go its full distance? AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER. Have watched the complete run at least twice. Need to go about twelve more times, I suspect. and THE LEGEND OF KORRA was great as well.