Which is going to be a movie/TV-heavy list, for the first time ever. Not because my tastes or habits changed—fiction on the page is still and always where it’s at for me—but because, since I’m now judging for the World Fantasy Awards for 2018, it would feel a bit . . . weird and unclassy, I guess, to be saying what my favorite books of the year are.

However, I can slap a couple of novels up here that in no way could get submitted for a World Fantasy Award. So:



I remember not long after House of Leaves came out, with Lethem’s way cool blurb on back, that there was an article or interview somewhere, where he (Lethem) was saying his agent was making him not do blurbs for six months or a year. Just because he, being him, wanted to do them all, of course, and that was clogging up the works. And he’s all of us—me anyway: I want to give each writer, each book whatever small boost I can. 

You can’t, though, I’ve found. See…

Not sure why, but I’ve been stashing these as I stumble onto them. Will add more as I find them, probably. They’re kind of cool. The Darnielle is more like the actual iridescent tape from a VHS, but still, it’s kind of on the same shelf:

And, guess this is kind of the same? Taking a streaming show, ripping it from DVD, transferring to VHS, then rigging together a make-do cover for it? Anyway, cool. Found it here (if there’s a better way to link Imgur, which I

Neither actually new, but both getting to me yesterday: Sovereign Traces has a piece of Mongrels in it, courtesy of the amazing Delicia Williams (artist), and Fortune Smiles I already read, of course, and really dug—one of the stand-out collections from recent, or any, years—but got to hang with Adam some last night, thanks to Lighthouse in Denver, so came away with an even cooler copy. And, speaking of last night: great event, great reception, wonderful people to talk to.


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