First two books I bought this morning, just out today:

These are two of my by-far favorite writers. Excited. And, just read the first two Longmire books—missing the television series—and, man, Craig Johnson, he can flat out write. If you scratch the names off the covers, I couldn’t tell him and James Lee Burke apart.

Anyway, would write more here, but A) started a novella yesterday that I need to finish superfast, and B) I got some good reading to dive into.


Man, seems forever now that when interviewers ask me why we keep telling each other scary stories, I always say it’s because we evolved to need horror, because we expect teeth in the night, we’re hardwired for it, horror just lets us feel human, but now, finally, thank you, someone smart’s saying that, and with empirical data to back it up. Would snap a pic of my copy, but as soon as I was done with it, I forced it on a friend. It’s what you do with the good boo…

For the first time ever, I kept a running tab of the best of every month:

It’s not everything I read/watch/listened to. Just the stuff I dug.

And? I had this big idea that I’d peel back through all those, dither and negotiate about which is actually my favorite whatever of the year. But what I’m right-now finding? I like to remember better, on the idea that if it was good, …

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