Best of 2016

Best movie’s a hard call, especially as I’ve yet to see The Eyes of My Mother or Nocturnal Animals or Moana or Kubo and the Two Strings. Also? I doubt I’ve seen just all that many of the award-contenders either. But I did luck into a few good theaters/iTunes rentals/Netflixes:

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Indigenous Comic Con #1!


With no variant covers! What you saw was what you got:

wish I knew who drew this like it was nothing, when, actually, it’s everything ]

You know George RR Martin tells that story of having the first ticket to the first comic con? That’s how getting to be a guest here feels to me: like a new, excellent thing is happening. So many cool people—creators, readers, fans, cosplayers, 1491s, friends, food trucks, movies, green chile every other breath—and so many excellent books to be buying:

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13th Night


Was a good signing line for this last night. It’ll forever be my first comic book signing line, too. And this’ll forever be my . . . first published comic project, I guess (“Werewolves on the Moon,” a chapter of Mongrels adapted to a ten-page comic, is coming out in an anthology at some point, but it was turned in better than a year ago, I think).

Anyway, the specs on this: the First Folio‘s on tour, and its only Colorado stop is here at CU Boulder. So they hit me up to write a script for it, which I did over a weekend in a series of planes, as I was on tour for Mongrels at the time, and then the talented and capable Scorpio Steele worked the story and script into something he could pencil/ink/color/letter (and he added a lot of historical details I didn’t have internet connection at 37K feet to be looking up), and this is the result:

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Comic Book Covers


Think I’ve got a real weakness for the red ones.

Diego Latorre, Ninjak:

Jim Lee, Wolf Moon:

Gabriel Rodriguez, Locke & Key:

[ don’t be surprised if I keep adding red covers/cover art to this page . . . ]

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Green Arrow: Rebirth


Don’t think I’ve ever done a write-up for a single issue of a comic book. But this #1 of Green Arrow / Rebirth—it earns that ‘rebirth.’ First, of course, I didn’t at all see the last Percy arc of Green Arrow going off the rails in any way. I mean, if anybody’s going to appreciate a werewolf-thing happening, right? Mix some Slade in, and I’m jimmying the lock on the local comics shop on Tuesday night.

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The Now Book

d o b

Not a ‘new’ book . . . yet. Just a book I’m writing right now. May never even finish it, who knows. As for when I started—tab, tab, tab—it looks like:

And, not really keeping this as journal of this book or anything. I have done that once, with “Where the Camopede Roam,” but that was just a seventy-two hour commitment. This has already taken longer than that.

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Looking at Demon Theory

I forget if I’ve properly updated or not, but: Demon Theory, the comic book. We’ve got pencils and temp-lettering in the can, are playing with cover stuff now (I’ve got a fake-o logo/title somewhere, but, it’s somewhere not on this particular computer), as you can see below. As for its eventual realness, as in buyableness: we’re just putting tentacles out to publishers now, and crossing what fingers we’ve got left. It’s a good time for a new horror comic, I think, with both Locke & Key and Hack/Slash sadly going/gone away. However, one thing I’ve found is that I don’t get to make those calls. I just write and write and write, and hope in-between, try to watch some Rockford Files when I can.

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