He’s Adrian Veidt with a cosmic version of the Redeker Plan, yeah? It’s a good build for a bad guy. I miss his old “I want to kill half the universe as a gift for Death, whom I love love love”-angle from the comics, but I think this version plays better. Or, it doesn’t have a self-destruct button built in.

Also, wonder if Deadpool will say anything about Brolin being both Thanos and Cable? Or, how can he not?

Anyway, Infinity War was a good time. Espec…

Solid advice from Jason Starr. (good novelist, too) And, since I don’t have time right now to search up how to embed eleven tweets (“Moment?” “Storify?”) when they’re not self-grouped with some hashtag—like I’d know then, either—I just screencapped them out. So, they are, all upside down.

For the first time ever, I kept a running tab of the best of every month:

It’s not everything I read/watch/listened to. Just the stuff I dug.

And? I had this big idea that I’d peel back through all those, dither and negotiate about which is actually my favorite whatever of the year. But what I’m right-now finding? I like to remember better, on the idea that if it was good, …

Check it out:

So cool. I mean, I know: my critical faculties are supposed to be rendered helpless from the surprise of seeing the yellow book drawn like this, but? That’s not why I like this comic book. Why I like this comic book is that it’s good comic-booking. Pablo D’Stair knows the medium, knows the mode, and, even better—even rarer—the dude can draw. I knew he could write, and I suspect he can do about eighty other things as well (if our minds are hamste…

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