His stuff’s always good to read. Guess this is one reason why: the attention, the do-overs, the insistence on getting it right. We should all be so conscientious, and so articulate about the process. And, I think you have to click on this (the bird-icon works, the arrow-out works) to go to Twitter to read the actual thread? I don’t know . . . once I did SOMEthing where the whole thread embedded, but I haven’t lucked onto that for many a post. So, a launch point in…

Via the incomparable Jolyon Yates:

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story’s at Automata.

Cool thing about having somebody with Jolyon’s chops do this with a story? It’s that the story gets better. Artists, man, they got the eye, the pencil, and they know how to move across the page in a way we fiction writers only aspire to.

13th Night centers around a colorful cast of college-aged characters visiting the First Folio on its tour to the University of Colorado Boulder. They get swept up into a mysterious and magical force that is wreaking havoc on the order, purpose, and sense of Shakespeare’s work. With their own lives in various degrees of peril, the youthful entourage calls on their knowledge of the Bard to set things right and preserve the First Folio so all may continue to enjoy it. Embe…

Every year when I cobble together some best-of-the-year list from half-remembered this and that, I always end up remembering stuff from the last few months instead of the whole year, and feeling like that’s all unfair. So, in an effort to work around that, and trusting that I actually come back and LOOK at this in five months, but mostly because I’m just now thinking of it, here’s my favorites so far:

Comic Book:

Exclusive preview: Jeff Lemire's Descender Volume 1: Tin ...

Everything here is just working so well: the wo…

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