Very cool con (#DINKDenver). Some few snaps.

Walking in:

Opening the first fold-out of the program:

Getting to the Hex table:

The Narrators panel/event I did:

And, maybe obviously, only one of these snaps is from me, other three are nabbed off social media (first is Bret Smith, second’s probably either Josh Viola or Dean Wyant, third’s Aaron Anansi Spriggs). Me? I never can remember to take a picture. Always too busy narrating it all in my head.

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Best of 2016

Best movie’s a hard call, especially as I’ve yet to see The Eyes of My Mother or Nocturnal Animals or Moana or Kubo and the Two Strings. Also? I doubt I’ve seen just all that many of the award-contenders either. But I did luck into a few good theaters/iTunes rentals/Netflixes:

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Indigenous Comic Con #1!


With no variant covers! What you saw was what you got:

wish I knew who drew this like it was nothing, when, actually, it’s everything ]

You know George RR Martin tells that story of having the first ticket to the first comic con? That’s how getting to be a guest here feels to me: like a new, excellent thing is happening. So many cool people—creators, readers, fans, cosplayers, 1491s, friends, food trucks, movies, green chile every other breath—and so many excellent books to be buying:

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13th Night


Was a good signing line for this last night. It’ll forever be my first comic book signing line, too. And this’ll forever be my . . . first published comic project, I guess (“Werewolves on the Moon,” a chapter of Mongrels adapted to a ten-page comic, is coming out in an anthology at some point, but it was turned in better than a year ago, I think).

Anyway, the specs on this: the First Folio‘s on tour, and its only Colorado stop is here at CU Boulder. So they hit me up to write a script for it, which I did over a weekend in a series of planes, as I was on tour for Mongrels at the time, and then the talented and capable Scorpio Steele worked the story and script into something he could pencil/ink/color/letter (and he added a lot of historical details I didn’t have internet connection at 37K feet to be looking up), and this is the result:

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Comic Book Covers


Think I’ve got a real weakness for the red ones.

Diego Latorre, Ninjak:

Jim Lee, Wolf Moon:

Gabriel Rodriguez, Locke & Key:

[ don’t be surprised if I keep adding red covers/cover art to this page . . . ]

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