Because I likely won’t remember to give attribution for each link, I’ll just say it here: probably three-quarters of these paleo type links are from a friend, Joe Lansdale (and all the Apple ones are from my wife). Just, don’t want to pretend I have my thumb on all the good pulses. Rather, I know people with those thumbs. Anyway, on with the reads, starting with the longer stuff:

Oh, man, this thing I’m writing, it’s one word away from clicking over into official novel land. And it’s almost two-thirds done, maybe, hopefully:

Would jam through to the end in a few days, but I got a script-thing and a story on February deadline, and, I mean, February is coming up pretty fast . . .

And, for kicks and grins, here’s the playlist I’m cueing up many times a day, since . . . I don’t know: January second, it maybe was? Somewhere a…

Which, before I get into it, let me say: I’m the last dude who should ever do a how-to on anything, except maybe writing a novel or a story. But maybe not even that. However, got one of those 3/4 scale 1-Up Galaga machines for Christmas, and of course love love love it. However? I’m six-plus feet tall, so this of course doesn’t quite work:

( basketball artfully included for size comparison )

Anyway, a quick search of YouTube showed there’s plenty of heigh

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