Just noticing that the old pano of my office at Cutbank, it’s out of date—I’ve gone standing-desk. But there’s some Q&A there, still, that’s not here.

Anyway, to update, with TWO panoramics, as I can’t seem to spin slow/fast enough to do it with just one:

Yeah, I think I suck at keeping the phone at the same level/height. So it goes.


But that’s me standing over in the middle. Here’s what I usually see, rice bars and bask…

Which is to say: where I write. Well, where I write when I’m writing in my study. Where I write when I’m writing in my office (on campus) is here.

But, this is home. The door of it, anyway:

And this is me standing in the middle of it all, trying to go as fast/slow as the arrow on my phone tells me. And, yes, there’s four five (just saw another) Waylon things in this pano:

And, yeah, I clipped off half of the comic book shelf. Oh well. Here’s some of what you couldn&…

I’m going to start this out in a way I’ve never felt I had to start anything out online: this is just me, talking. Not for any of the schools I teach at, any organizations I’m in. Just me, on my personal site. Check the URL up there: it’s my name, one of my book titles. There’s no corporate or university brands or endorsements or intended associations or anything here. Just me and me alone. Why I’m doing that? Because I’m not sure what co…

Racconti is putting it out November 10th or so, here. They’re the publisher with the dead bug:


Pretty cool group of people, near as I can tell. And, as the title-in-English loses its punch in Italian, they dialed back to the collection’s original title, “The Meat Tree.”

Here‘s their page on it, with the full jacket, but here’s just the front of it. Pretty cool stuff:



Digging through some old boxes, stumbled onto this little pamphlet. Way I remember my first reading, it was for this story “West Texas Dirt” I’d won an award for, in 1994, the last year of my undergrad work at Texas Tech. I guess I must have done this one too, though—with a friend I’d go onto MA-land with, Ashley.

img_2496 fullsizerender-2

Bill Wenthe was the real draw, of course. As he should have been, and still is. Dude writes some solid poetry.

Also, I was so sure that that R…

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