Or, close to home, anyway: Canyon, WTAMU, courtesy CSAW.

the Q&A before the reading

And I was also lucky enough to get to scoot out to Hereford, talk to the high schoolers there. Was cool. Broke down once in Hereford for a couple days, had three dollars and a bag of Cheetos, so bought a loaf of bread, palmed some ketchup packets, and ate Cheeto and ketchup sandwiches for a few meals in a row. Anyway, Hereford High School:

And, my flights home all got cancelled, as happens (snow in …

Started the week out talking to Billy Stratton’s Native American Lit course (st DU) about Mongrels for . . . I guess it was nearly two hours. Two very cool hours, that I wish had been four:

( was possibly showing off the Turkish edition, yeah. both shots via Billy Stratton )

That class had some solid questions.

Then it was off to Baton Rouge (where I still am), to deliver a keynote, “Why Horror,” for the Graphic Carnival conference at LSU, and do a goodlong Q&…

Hey, Tattered Cover (Colfax) has a green room now! So cool. Anyway, was a good time, answering questions about Mechanical Animals with Selena Chambers, Jason Heller (editors of this), Molly Tanzer, and Carrie Vaughn. Really, Molly and Carrie and me, we’re on stage so much together we’ve pretty much got a routine, by now. And it’s always fun. This is us after it was all over, posing by the chalkboard upstairs, already bundled up for wherever it was we were go…

I’m there in 2020, LA. Distinguished Achievement Award. So cool, such an honor:

Also, a cool year-plus before that, I’m keynoting at LSU’s Mardi Gras Conference in February, here. Then over summer I’m . . . let’s see: teaching the second week of Clarion West, GoH’ing at ReaderCon. Oh: and I’m planning to be at StokerCon as well. Probably in April, I’d guess. Doing a visit down at:

Without looking, I think this is in . . . Apri

Just, cleaning up my laptop and found this/below stashed in a tmp directory. It’s echo-ey, sounds like I’m on a stage, maybe? File’s called “GT,” if that means anything. Anyway, what it looks to be: somebody asking me questions about being Blackfeet, writing horror. Or . . . it’s the Q&A from the audience, after a panel, maybe? It’s dated 4 August 2017, which means it’s not later than that, anyway. But it’s anyt…

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