FINALLY saw Breakfast Club on the big screen last night. Was a-a-a-amazing.

Didn’t see Pretty in Pink—actually, I only saw that one last year, on DVD—am not catching Ferris Buehler (never really got into that one, except for the principle getting the Buford T. Justice treatment throughout), and, would have caught Weird Science, but I did see Kelly LeBrock at a con once.

Anyway, down in Texas in a rental car somewhere a year or two ago I caught Halloween at the drive-in, wh…

Man, why do I ever miss one of these? They’re always the best time of the year. And, as usual, I’m no picture-snapper, have to rely on what others post. And, this time, instead of snabbing pics from around and then trying (and failing) to cite those who actually deserve picture-credit, I’ll just link what I found on twitter (the only social media I’m on. well, that and Goodreads, but Goodreads isn’t for this kind of stuff, I don’t think [ok…

Or, close to home, anyway: Canyon, WTAMU, courtesy CSAW.

the Q&A before the reading

And I was also lucky enough to get to scoot out to Hereford, talk to the high schoolers there. Was cool. Broke down once in Hereford for a couple days, had three dollars and a bag of Cheetos, so bought a loaf of bread, palmed some ketchup packets, and ate Cheeto and ketchup sandwiches for a few meals in a row. Anyway, Hereford High School:

And, my flights home all got cancelled, as happens (snow in …

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