October was packed full of good times. I don’t think this is all of them, but it’s all of them I can dig up goods for—or, that I can remember to dig up pics and links for.

Started out giving a zombie lecture to an auditorium of people at CU:

zombie shots: Teresa Nugent

Then I was at the Lighthouse in Denver for Atlas Obscura’s way-cool, properly spooked-up event:

pic: Josh Schlossberg

Then it was GoH’ing at MileHiCon, where I got to give a little mini-talk o…

Was a good time last night. My first time at the Mercury Cafe, too (Boulder people don’t get to Denver too often—it’s weird, I know, but neither do Denver people trek out here to Boulder much either). Meaning, I didn’t know what door to use, meaning: of course I ended up circulating at a wedding for a few minutes before finally asking the photographer where the horror reading part of all this was going to be.

One redirect later, I found my people:

Or, rather, in a …

Which you’d think would start here, at 7pm, as the sign says:

But, really, I was at Tattered Cover Colfax at 2pm, for a Denver Moon event, which went great, as you can tell:

On the way out, I caught My Hero in good company:

I so, so dig My Favorite Thing is Monsters. Very ready for vol.2. Really dug My Friend Dahmer, too.

Anyway, instead of finding coffee shop to write away some hours in (the scent of coffee leaves me dramatically gagging), I went to Discount Tire and worked on a ch…

I used to be better about doing this—collecting snapshots from the last couple weeks or so, stacking them in a post—but I somehow let that drift away. So, maybe this’ll be me starting that up again? Who knows. Anyway, DCC would be in here, but I had to ghost out of all my panels last-minute, as I was already scheduled to be at Juniper Writing Institute (double-booking: my fault). But, before that, I was at UCR-PD‘s MFA graduation ceremony, both watching a couple of my …

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