If you like a good gory time with some ridiculous storytelling and nothing but laughs, you can’t do better than Gravy:

If you like that, then Murder Party‘s a sure bet:

And it goes without saying that Trick ‘r Treat is called for this time of year:

And, for something less silly that comes in one-two punch form (there’s a third, too, if the first two leave you all leaning forward, and you have to fall into something), Cold Prey and Cold Prey II are som…

Isn’t that mask just so expressive? It’s supposed to make Michael Myers faceless, but really it kind of gives him a soul. A dark, evil, tortured soul. Anyway, I think it’s going to be a touch before I get to actually talking about this latest version, BUT:

  • if you haven’t seen it yet
  • AND you don’t like spoilers
  • AND you can’t help but finish every post you start reading, then:
    • maybe don’t start this one yet?

Which is to say, spoilers wil…

Man, was at the gym long about 11:15 yesterday, just having a good time reading a JS Breukelaar collection and sweating on various torture devices, when I got a call that maybe I could clean up and drive into my office on campus (like, MILES away) by noon, to talk to the newspeople for a segment that afternoon? Answer, always, when media calls: “Can’t talk right now, I’m already going to that place you told me to be at.” So, I made it, it was great talking zo…

note: when I’m listing those 4 things early in, it should be flesh-eating, infectiousness, decay, and HEAD SHOTS. got myself confused by saying ‘infectiousness’ and ‘contagion’ both, oops. but, this is what happens when I write with my mouth, not my pen . . .

for zombies in TEN minutes, I did this a longtimeback (and it’s got a screw-up as well—no Brian Keene—but I may have put that in words over the video, can’t remember:


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