The Shining is great and amazing and permanent and iconic and all that good stuff, of course, but one thing it has going for it that very, very few other stories ever get is that it instantly activates our imagination—immediately upon hearing the premise, we put ourselves in that situation of being winter caretaker for a remote hotel, and then, before we ever read what King wrote, we’re writing our own stories in our heads: I’d sleep in a different bed every night…

I think this will be only the second cat-related thing I’ve ever posted in all my internet years (before then, it was just leaving cat-related stuff on utility poles, I guess) (which I was a fiend for). The other is this Mapquest cat, whom I so completely identify with. This is maybe even cooler, though:

Image result for annihilation movie

Well, Annihilation. But I like saying it like a monster truck, or a wrestler. Just caught it at the cineplex. It’s a good time. Here’s some un-spoilerfree bullet points on/about it, since I don’t really have any kind of thesis to build a proper write-up around:

  • the skull-faced anteater bear does what the bear did in The Revenant: steals the show in the best way. And? It talks like the flowers in The Ruins do. Which is always a bonus.
  • this adaptation—and, not

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