Seems I saw something along these lines circulating on social media. Trick is, I never fill in that form when it’s being passed around, as it always feels like I’m just fine-tuning my consumer profile so the social media outfit can sell me out at a higher price, when I’m sure my least mouse-swipe and all my purchases &etc are already doing that anyway, and probably snapping pics of me along the way. Here to talk music, though, not my mounting paranoia.&nb…

Right at the end of this. I always see people with lines from novels or poems or songs or whatever tattoo’d on them, and I think, man, that’s forever, you might only like that passage this year. But this, from Leonard Cohen, I don’t see myself ever falling out of love with it:

For the first time ever, I kept a running tab of the best of every month:

It’s not everything I read/watch/listened to. Just the stuff I dug.

And? I had this big idea that I’d peel back through all those, dither and negotiate about which is actually my favorite whatever of the year. But what I’m right-now finding? I like to remember better, on the idea that if it was good, …

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