The Day Before the Earth Stood Still

We’re all holding our breath. For four years. But we’ll lose it a few times, I know, from shouting. We’re going to need a lot of shouting, and a lot of watching. Anyway, there’s hope, too. This is last night:

However, we can’t forget that this kind of thing is now happening as well:

In Case You Missed It
The Senate voted 51 to 48:
1. To end coverage for preexisting conditions, veterans benefits, and aid to rural hospitals.
2. To remove discrimination protection for women in healthcare.
3. Against the provision allowing children to remain on their parent’s insurance till the age of 26.
4. To cut off funding for the Child Health Insurance Program (CHIP).
5. Against ACA contraceptive coverage and maternity care provision.
6. To direct committees to send budget legislation to defund and repeal the Affordable Care Act.
For those who get health insurance through work, no pre-existing conditions. Lifetime caps for coverage are back for everyone.
Real and disastrous actions are being taken that will affect more than just the 20-30 million people who will lose their health care coverage and the 3 million people who will lose their jobs.
Despite their assertions of this being an action to “repeal and replace,” no viable alternative plan has been proposed.
The House votes Friday.
As of this moment, no replacement exists.

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Mongrels tpb

Got me an early copy. Same bat-cover, same bat-words—but more of them: an essay-thing at the end, and a reader’s guide as well. And, I don’t have a scale this fine, but this book is light, man. Don’t tie your balloon to it and set on the bench beside you at the park, because the next time you look over, it’s gone. Anyway, official drop date is the 24th, here—no, I don’t know for sure when books started ‘dropping’ like albums—but this is what it looks like:

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I’m going to start this out in a way I’ve never felt I had to start anything out online: this is just me, talking. Not for any of the schools I teach at, any organizations I’m in. Just me, on my personal site. Check the URL up there: it’s my name, one of my book titles. There’s no corporate or university brands or endorsements or intended associations or anything here. Just me and me alone. Why I’m doing that? Because I’m not sure what country I live in anymore. In a climate of fascism, the elite guards, they can come disappear you. Sometimes physically, sometimes professionally. And, I mean, my people, we’ve got a bad history with being scooped up, having our hair cut, our tongues cut out, our lands taken away.

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Horror at the Stanley


Looks like this is the second Stanley Hotel post I’ve done here (the first). This time it’s for teaching, though. Also? Every single place I go on CU campus—bulletin boards, monitors, displays—I’m looking back at me:

This is that click.

And, for the media fun, here it is on the front page of Boulder’s Daily Camera, here‘s the cover story in Westword, and here‘s some video and a write-up from 9News in Denver. I would say click “here” for testimonials, but this is the first time this has ever happened. Gonna be be fun scary.

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Back-to-Back-to-Back Werewolf Events

Which is pretty much what May was, when Mongrels came out. But this is September-land, man. The road, though, it’s a big long slip ‘n slide, isn’t it? You take that first step, then you just keep going and going.

This is from the plenary address/discussion/interview at the Western Literature Association’s 2016 conference in Big Sky, Montana (I think all these pics are from/by Billy Stratton):

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