I used to screencap these into the monthly best-of posts, but when I started doing those as galleries they ended up getting shrunk to illegibility, so I lazily & loserly gave up. So, this is me trying to reverse that: the best articles I’ve been reading, that I can A) still clearly rememberer, and B) actually FIND. So, some of them self-embed, don’t ask me how, and the others I’ll just put the title/link up in a list, below. That doesn’t mean they…

Remember when Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. died, and, the picture on his site was just that birdcage he’d doodled, open and empty? Broke my heart and fixed it with a single image. Same here:

I just wrote a haunted house novel that used a SpongeBob episode kind of as touchstone. SpongeBob, man, he’s deep in my DNA, somehow. …

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