Hey, just got off the phone with CBS. Fun stuff. Anyway, got to talk Frankenstein with them. Saying this kind of stuff:

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And, some of the same stuff, this time for the radio:

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And, no, I’m not actually the editor Stephen Jones, who did that anthology you see early in the video, but he is why I use my middle name.

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Talking horror to the high school crowd

Was an honor Friday to speak to . . . I don’t know, four sets of about fifty or sixty kids at a time, I guess (I say ‘kids,’ yeah, but some of them tower over me, and I’m a bit not-short myself). Peak to Peak Charter School, over in Lafayette. Got to talk Stephen King’s “The Man in the Black Suit,” my “The Spindly Man” (check the Kate Baker read-aloud), and just general writing and writing-life stuff. Always a good time:

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Mad Hatters at the Cocteau

[ pic : Rebecca Roanhorse! from my left up there across to the right: Katherine Vaz, Ellen Datlow, Matt Kressl, Kris Dikeman ]

Good time this weekend in snowy Santa Fe. That’s me in the slash hat.

What you can’t see? There’s slashers all on the hatband:

Guess Ghostface is kind of criminally tilted (sorry, Billy and Stu), and the jewel of them all is the werewolf, but slashers on a Slash hat is the real joke. Werewolves? Werewolves are never the joke.

Anyway, we talked Alice and “Alis” (my story. we all talked about our own stories, to start things off) and I think I misremembered an old SyFy miniseries out loud for all—who were too polite to call me on it—then we signed a truckload of books, and I saw an old yellow friend from one of the other times I’ve been on this excellent little stage:

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