In the Beginning” and “The Wages: an Argument,” over at the brand-new shiny sparkly SpringGun Press.

Really strange that they posted this morning, though — or, that that Wages-one’s real now anyway. Because I just now started the already-excellent Pontypool Changes Everything, which opens like this:

That night I had terrible dreams I was killing people. When I awoke it took some serious self-examination to convince myself that

Iron Horse 11.3‘s out in the world now — in my mailbox anyway — and it’s got one of my favorite stories I’ve written in it, “Little Lambs.” Also a self-interview (it involved telepathic dogs, possibly aliens — the usual?). Too, it’s the alumni issue, so it’s especially cool to me, being in this with all these people I know. Also also, it’s got this on back, which I kind of dig:

IH 11.3


Readercon report: got to sit down with Ellen Datlow, got to shake hands with Peter Straub, got to listen to Samuel Delaney and Gene Wolf talk, got to be on a panel with John Crowley, got to hang with friends new and old — Paul Tremblay, Laird Barron, Michael Cisco — bought so many Weird Tales and excellent books, nabbed too many Underland Press stickers, met Sean Wallace, my new editor, slept very little, got lots of cool links that maybe I’ll post in here later, …

First story, “Monsters,” with Niteblade. A nice little ‘What I did this summer’-story. Or, ‘What I did this summer and who-all died,’ kind of, I suppose.

Second story, in the “Broken Clocks” issue of ColoredChalk, “Good Times.” It goes maybe three hunrdred words? Not even that, likely. Things take a pretty sharp turn down some hill, though. One nobody should ever really ever even look down.

Third story, &…

Looks like The Long Trial of Nolan Dugatti‘s up for a NDgShirley Jackson award (!, yep). Here’s the field:


  • Disquiet, Julia Leigh, (Penguin/ Hamish Hamilton)
  • Dormitory,” Yoko Ogawa (The Diving Pool, Picador)
  • Living With the Dead, Darrell Schweitzer (PS Publishing)
  • The Long Trial of Nolan Dugatti, Stephen Graham Jones (Chiasmus Press)
  • N,” Stephen King, (Just After Sunset, Scribner)

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