from Publisher’s Weekly:

The Ones That Got Away
Stephen Graham Jones, Prime (, $24.95 (256p) ISBN 978-1-60701-235-1

Thirteen horror stories, most originally published between 2005 and 2010, make up Native American writer Jones’s second collection (after 2005’s Bleed into Me). Several stories feature children coming of age: in “Father, Son, Holy Rabbit,” a father and son, stranded and awaiting rescue, sustai

Because it’s been three years, right? The last one was IM, I think. This one’s phone. And, many thanks to Joshua Chaplinsky for, on the transcribe, pulling out all my “ums” and “errs” and “[unintelligible]s,” of which there had to be legion. He even made me sound like a person who occasionally remembers he’s in a conversation. No small feat, that.

Anyway, the link. Second interview to post today. Tis the season.


this originally posted over at the now-dead Depraved Press back in February 2008. Had completely forgotten about it, but Jesse Lawrence, the “JL” here — you’ll also find him in various acknowledgements and thanks in my books — hadn’t forgot, still had it saved in email. However, all the formatting’s gone, with this paste-across, so, much as I hate it, no italics for the titles. As of now, anyway. But all the words are the same

JL: …

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