Forthcoming fiction, &etc

  • “Raphael,” in Cemetery Dance
  • “Jumpers,” in Fresh Boiled Peanuts
  • “Adultery: a Failing Sestina,” Behind the Short Story
  • “The Fatherland is Rich and Varied,” Liquid Ohio (but they’re on hiatus or something…)
  • twenty definitions in Home Ground: a Literary Glossary of the Landscape and Language (Trinity University Press) (Barry Lopez, ed.)
  • also was supposed to have a zombie-piece published at Halcyon, but they haven’t updated in two months or something, so I’m not holding my breath or anything…
  • too, a story Flyways picked up forever ago (“The Wages: an Argument”), then did who knows what with, Controlled Burn‘s putting it out here soon, along with a Bleed Into Me review and a mini-interview.
  • other than that, only other forthcoming thing I know of’s that Cult interview, linked over to the left here. I’ll post all the upcoming AWP readings/panel fun under Events before too long, here, and would guess, with Nick or somebody’s help, we can have audio and video of the stuff up within the week, anyway.
  • [ of the note to self order of things: mail stuff out. I always forget to do this. have, I’d guess, between twelve and eighteen stories just sitting on my hard-drive doing nothing ]
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    Demon Theory in the Cage catalog

    cage catalog

    hey, just realized that maybe all of you (or, one of you, or, hi mom, I don’t know) didn’t have the cool MacAdam/Cage catalog like I do. so I stuffed the Demon Theory pages in the scanner, which was a lot more complicated than I’d anticipated, the catalog being oversized, but, after I got everything straightened out, wound up with some 12MB img, which is ridiculous to try to make clickable. so I sucked it into a PDF, which you should get if you click the image here.

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    Magazine / Journal Covers

    Instead of typing in all the volume and issue number stuff, instead each cover is just linked to its high-res scan, which has all the good info on it. Hover your mouse over the covers to see which story’s where.

    stuff you might see be seeing on the shelf now:

    stuff you’d have to order as back-issues, from the individual mags, or find in a library: stuff in anthologies, annuals, textbooks: SGJ’s first publication ever: read more

    Texas Book Festival

    The video of the panel is live. It runs close to an hour, but well worth it, lots of good stuff talked about by all of the authors. Too, thanks to my brother for the steady hand as he filmed most of it, and when it shakes and your stomach is sick, blame me, sorry, couldn’t stand still. Enjoy. Click the picture to start the recording, or click here to just listen:


    links to the panelists:

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