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Site FAQ

  • January 26th, 2006
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IS THIS SITE OFFICIAL? see the Author faq. I DIDN’T TYPE IN ‘DEMONTHEORY.NET,’ YET THAT’S WHAT’S IN MY ADDRESS BAR. still playing with that, when I can remember to. have ‘’ and ‘’ writing themselves over ‘’ for a while, if that’s the link you clicked to get here. but yeah, the three domains/URLs/addresses: they all resolve to each other, are the same thing. no worries. WHY CHANGE FROM THE OTHER SITE, WHICH WAS ALREADY COOL ENOUGH? the structure/code we were using over there (I hate to say ‘blog program’) didn’t have an RSS feed. I might could have rigged it up, given time, but this server’s on, it’s a server I know, and have been on for years and years. so, set-up took a few days, and nothing new to learn. so, it was just easy. or, WordPress makes it easy, and costs nothing. CAN I SUBMIT A LINK FOR THAT LONG LIST OVER IN THE LEFT COLUMN? Right now I’ve got the comment submit-trick rigged so that, if you include two or more links in the body of the comment, it gets burned. or, is supposed to. just trying to dodge all the ‘I need Cialis to get the most use out of my Fleshlight’ posts I can. sorry. WHY HAVE THE COMMENTS BEEN TURNED OFF FOR THIS POST? because something about ‘Site FAQ’ attracts the viagra/adultdvd/etc botposts. not that any of them make it through, but it’s a chore all the same. so, any questions about the site, just ask them  . . . → → →[ READ MORE ]