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the new site here

Published by SGJ on June 15th, 2011 - in site

So, post-hack, lost a few posts, all the comments, and have yet to get everything tailored exactly as I want it, but’s more or less functional again, even if the images &etc in some of the links aren’t going to work anymore. And the menus and boxes will continue to change, as I figure out what does and doesn’t work. Actually going to use categories this time around, anyway. Should help. Anyway, any grievous kind of problems, obviously missing posts, all that, let me know? I’ve still got various versions of the hacked and burned db, could maybe pull something out, if I knew to look for it. And, yeah, it looks like the posts on the blog are all posting backwards/upside down, and they kind of are, but those new timestamps are hardcoded in, and I don’t want to go mysql to change each and every one. I could flip the display order, I’m sure, except then this post would get hidden way on some thirtieth page deep. so, trick is, until I get enough posts to fill up the front of the blog page, it’s going to look a bit gamey. However, just navigate with the categories &etc, and things should all be well. or, of course: do whatever you want. except break in, erase all kinds of random stuff. So, until next site update, which I hope is years and years away . . .

Site updates

Published by SGJ on September 24th, 2006 - in site

Just a note to say, yep, it’s all different now. Got tired of the red and black stuff, just washed it all out grey and white. it looks like it should in Firefox, but I’m thinking that, in IE or IE-driven stuff, the “em”-size CSS is going to get ignored, kind of throwing off some of the formatting. anyway, maybe I should just use pt-size instead of em-. Or, is that a problem for anybody? Anyway, as always, any bugs, leave a comment here, I’ll fix. Only one I know about now’s the one I haven’t messed with yet: getting the flash to embed properly. As I don’t have any of the old stories linked, however, I think the only time that’ll be an issue is when looking at that “House of Fiction” SWF.

Glitches, etc

Published by SGJ on January 26th, 2006 - in site

if you click somewhere and, I don’t know, something bad or unexpected happens, or if you’re having trouble with some form, with display in some browser, anything along those lines, put a comment down under this if you want, please. We’ll try to get on it (where ‘we’ = ‘I’).

Site FAQ

Published by SGJ on January 26th, 2006 - in site

IS THIS SITE OFFICIAL? see the Author faq. I DIDN’T TYPE IN ‘DEMONTHEORY.NET,’ YET THAT’S WHAT’S IN MY ADDRESS BAR. still playing with that, when I can remember to. have ‘’ and ‘’ writing themselves over ‘’ for a while, if that’s the link you clicked to get here. but yeah, the three domains/URLs/addresses: they all resolve to each other, are the same thing. no worries. WHY CHANGE FROM THE OTHER SITE, WHICH WAS ALREADY COOL ENOUGH? the structure/code we were using over there (I hate to say ‘blog program’) didn’t have an RSS feed. I might could have rigged it up, given time, but this server’s on, it’s a server I know, and have been on for years and years. so, set-up took a few days, and nothing new to learn. so, it was just easy. or, WordPress makes it easy, and costs nothing. CAN I SUBMIT A LINK FOR THAT LONG LIST OVER IN THE LEFT COLUMN? Right now I’ve got the comment submit-trick rigged so that, if you include two or more links in the body of the comment, it gets burned. or, is supposed to. just trying to dodge all the ‘I need Cialis to get the most use out of my Fleshlight’ posts I can. sorry. WHY HAVE THE COMMENTS BEEN TURNED OFF FOR THIS POST? because something about ‘Site FAQ’ attracts the viagra/adultdvd/etc botposts. not that any of them make it through, but it’s a chore all the same. so, any questions about the site, just ask them  . . . → → →

Draw the line HERE…

Published by SGJ on January 24th, 2006 - in site

[ all the entries and posts and pages &etc below this timestamp are wrong. just all stuff I copied over from the old/other site. so, yeah, I could go into the mySQL table(s), rig the times to some approximation of what they are, or were, but, too, I kind of like the idea of all the dates in here bottoming out in late January, here (right after I turned 34...). however, this place being shiny new and all that, if you find any deadlinks or navigational dead ends or get caught in some spin-cycle somewhere, let me know. the only issue I'm aware of right now, with the place half-built, is that that ATBS script/PDF over in Exclusives might have enough security stuff going on with it that Mozilla isn't just superfond of opening it. at least my Mozilla. IE's no problem, however. Trick is, legally, I'm not supposed to make it printable. so, I don't know: good luck. ]

Exclusives from way back / the old site

Published by SGJ on January 23rd, 2006 - in etc, site

I can only remember two–the first-first glimmerings of BIRD & FAST, then the full glossary for BIRD (okay: there were two novellas as well, but they’re gone, now, sorry). That FAST piece, I wrote it deep in the morning, after having just lied to an editor at a party that I’d finished the novel already. so I went home and started it. and, BIRD: it ook forever to find the right and proper voice for that one. but then of course it turned out to be many voices. as for that glossary, it’s surely best FC2 had me edit it down so much. some of those terms, though, I miss them. anyway, three links, here: early BIRD first FAST BIRD terms edit: okay, was getting those links right, and found another thing, which maybe’s posted before, maybe not. anyway, here: second FAST

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