I’d been seeing the trailers for Brightburn around, and figured I’d just . . . wait for Redbox, maybe. I mean, Supes getting weaponized by Lex Luthor was pretty much ever other issue for a while, and Justice Leagure Dark had already shown me what all there heroes being unheroic was like. But then I heard somebody online saying that this was a slasher.

I was at the next showing.

[ note: gonna be spoilers here ]

And, to back up: a book or three ago, Marketing of whatever pub…

Can finally-finally say it without promising whoever I’m telling it to to secrecy, or to somehow post-date this info: sold two horror novels to Joe Monti at Saga! This is the outfit that did Rebecca Roanhorse’s Trail of Lightning. This is the imprint of Simon & Schuster that just moved to the Gallery Publishing Group, which used to be Pocket. This is the editor that, over the past month or so, pushed me to make what WAS Elk Head Woman, a slasher, into the new and im…

This was bouncing around Twitter recently: your favorite horror from the last ten years. Easy decisions, all:

But, in getting this list together, I of course ended up with all these remainders, which feel a lot more vital than remaindery:

Wonder what I’m forgetting. I mean what I love love LOVE and can’t do without but am also somehow not coming up with right now. Well, will sneak back in, post it, maybe.…

Both excellent. First is The Last Final Girl, part of a slasher Night Worms package:

Next is a Mongrels book group happening over at Goodreads:


Oh, man. Guess I’m going to be tuning in to American Horror Story again. For some reason I fell away after the first season. Maybe I was writing a novel or something, who knows. Then I never got back on that crazy train. Though I was there for Scream Queens, which was at least six different kinds of fun. Very, very excited for this. This trailer hits all the right keys, pulls all the right heartstrings:

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