I’m always either finding these in my inbox or searching them up myself. And they never fail to make my day. Got any more, let me know. Always hard to select which version of “Let the Bodies Hit the Floor” to include, as there’s so many.

[ it doesn’t thumbnail every vid, just plays them all in a line. or, you can hit next track, jump to where you maybe want to be. or just click here to see it on youtube. and, for the master list of Jason vids: this is …

I never even reviewed the first season, did I, from when this was a Chiller show? It was fun. It was kind of a ‘grown-up’ slasher. Well, it wasn’t teens-at-camp, anyway. The victim pool’s problems weren’t “what about curfew?” or “where’s the party,” but real, mortgage-paying actual-life kind of problems. There was a wicked knife, a wicked mask, some solid gore (well, runny, chunky gore), and an opening sc…

Think I’m gonna have to make this an annual thing. Great time this long weekend, starting with me getting to my first panel late:

It was “Haunts & Nachos,” but really it was Travis Heerman and me just answering any and all horror questions we could for an hour, whilst it rained and stormed outside—this is Colorado in July/August; that’s the way all the days are, pretty much. But it cleared up enough for burgers and exploring Georgetown. Of which …

have been full of events. Feels like I haven’t been wheels-down since Denver Comic Con, about. Had three deadline stories to jam down along the way, and trying to finish a novel besides. But, of course: wouldn’t have it any other way.

Anyway, at Tattered Cover Lodo . . . last week, I think it was, I got to talk to Andy Davidson about his excellent Texas/serial killer/vampire novel In the Valley of the Sun:

Then, the very next morning, with help from the audio X-Files Co

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