Living and dying by Magnum PI growing up, I of course fell head over heels for this color scheme:

However, helicopters being far from any reality I knew, and trucks being ALL of my reality, I of course, then, wanted a truck with that color scheme, as Ford was doing in the late seventies:

Is that not baddest truck? Well, except for this one, which I think is a modified version of that—different wheels and tires, the color scheme kind of made louder:

Anyway, yes, I still do dream abou…

Hey, this tweet got enough hearts that, were it Link, he’d now be functionally immortal. But I guess this is A link, anyway:

Anyway, yes, I subscribe to that philosophy. It’s a big reason I have so many scars, so many injuries, why I’m on so many daily pills in these my creaky years. Doesn’t stop me from collecting more scars and injuries, tho…

Tom Paris, saying aloud the creed I live by, pretty much. And? This is my only persistent problem with intergalactic humans in stories: they always come out of warp at some Mos Eisley of a truckstop and just eat whatever’s being served. I can’t help but think that would be instant death. Not just of the soul, but the gut, since no way can we have the proper enzymes to digest some vending machine egg-salad fossil from another solar system.

Also, while I’m postin…

Wending my way through my school’s book-ordering stuff, and I thought, Wait, wonder if I’m in here. Turns out I am. Or, I was, eight years ago. I remember that year, too. I was wondering if I’d ever have another book out. Never really thought I’d have fifteen or sixteen out. Cool. Here’s to eight more crazy and unlikely years.

I mean, like, literally. Each of these boxes are about fifty pounds, I’d guess:

Also the other kind of heavy, though—the Back to the Future kind of heavy, except this is about the past: those are all my papers. Every manuscript, all my undergraduate and graduate files, a bit of teaching stuff, my PhD comps, every convention and festival and conference program I’ve saved, every floppy and Zip disk I made at some point, all the posters I’ve got, twenty-seve…

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