This is a thrown-together couple minutes—camera crew came to the office, got a reel together to zap to all the news/radio places (thus: I’m on the radio a lot this morning). Also, I hear that I was wrong about Memorial Day. So it goes.

Anyway, what I kept getting asked was what’s up with the day Friday the 13th? So, in short, here’s what I see, none of which is really original, all of which packs into a bigger and bigger snowball:

  •  13 people at the Last Supper, and

Best chicken strips in town, and also ever: Dark Horse Bar and Grill. I don’t know what they do to the outside of them, the skin, the batter, but it’s perfect.

Best fish and chips in town, and, I’m pretty sure, also ever: Backcountry Pizza. The fish here is somehow very heavy and dense. There’s only two of them per order, I think. But it’s enough.

Best burger: not in Boulder, I don’t think, but in Denver, at Alamo Draft House. Their Green Chil…

For the book that became The Long Trial of Nolan Dugatti, I kept a kind of running diary of the writing of it, The Camopede Files. Was fun. It made me kind of look at my process in a new way, a helpful way. So, when I started Mapping the Interior, I figured I’d try the same thing. Here is that thing.

18 August 2016

starting this journalthing now, but I need to wrap up the week before, right quick:

➔ I had a story to write over the weekend. I wrote 2 or 3K words on it Saturday, dec…


So, if you need a bio from me, here’s the basic one, which I’ll try to keep updated. Can’t seem to get the titles to go properly italics, but surely you can fix that:

Stephen Graham Jones is the author of sixteen novels, six story collections, and one comic book. Most recent are Mapping the Interior and My Hero. Stephen lives and teaches in Boulder, Colorado.

That’s usually plenty, and the right size, for magazines and journals and sites, I think. If …

Walking through his own house at night, a twelve-year-old thinks he sees another person stepping through a doorway. Instead of the people who could be there, his mother or his brother, the figure reminds him of his long-gone father, who died mysteriously before his family left the reservation. When he follows it he discovers his house is bigger and deeper than he knew.

The house is the kind of wrong place where you can lose yourself and find things you’d rather not have. Over t

cover_my-heroWhat do you do when your dreams come true? When you were twelve, camping out in the back yard, you told your best friend that if he could draw a superhero good enough, you’d give him the perfect words to say. And then it didn’t just happen, there’s even action figures now. Your comic book is on every shelf. And you live beside your best friend again. Your kids even play together, with those action figures. Watch them on the lawn, there. Take a snapshot, and then look over their h…

is the author of 22 or 23 books, ~300 stories, and all this stuff here. He lives in Boulder, Colorado, and has a few broken-down old trucks, one PhD, and way too many boots