Mapping the Interior of Mapping the Interior


starting this journalthing now, but I need to wrap up the week before, right quick:

➔ I had a story to write over the weekend. I wrote 2 or 3K words on it Saturday, decided those words were worthless, so wrote a completely new and different story on Sunday after seeing the Bourne movie. Both the movie and story were about three-quarters good.

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Last Couple of Mongrels Events


Really, I think I have a stash of pics from another Mongrels thing, but now I can’t remember where. But I know I have these two anyway, as they’re from the last couple days.

First was up in Fort Collins, with HEX-author Thomas Olde Heuvelt. And, Olde’s not a middle name, that’s just the first part of his last name. He’s a cool dude, smart guy, excellent horror writer.

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Werewolves out in the World, Part XI


The trick with this, the eleventh installment of these, it’s figuring how to list the first ten in a way I haven’t done before. Last time I used Def Leppard. Can’t remember what happened before that. Let’s see, let’s see—I know. How about:

Also? I could have written a novella in the time it took me to stack all that up. Worth it, though. I dig how it looks.

I dig how this looks, too:

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Mongrels Promotional Fallout

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 4.58.53 PM

Was supposed to be just, you know, fun. But then the news services got hold of it:

from :

I don’t even know if it finally sold any Mongrels, really.

And here’s a grab from the Daily Mail—much the same, just, without the Newcastle Beerwolf: 


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