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Torn: a Shock Youmentary

Wordplay aside, this looks to be pretty fun. So it only has one review? It’s a pretty good one, anyway. And I dig the setup:

Coming across as a sort of Blair Witch Project version of hunting The Wolfman

This is one I’m going to try hunt down myself:

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Boulder Bookstore

Always dig being there. I mean, I know so many people there, it’s a lot like coming home. And—should have taken a picture—always cool to see my older books faced-out on the shelves, of course:


Anyway—remember how, in DC, I had the kind of maximum amount of knife-drama, getting into the building? For this book event, that is, the book event RIGHT DOWN THE ROAD FROM MY HOUSE, well: there was some truck drama:

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Library of Congress


Who’d have ever though a farmboy Indian from West Texas would get to launch a werewolf novel at the Library of Congress?

[most of these pics are courtesy Deborah Miranda]

I know I can smile better than that, too. But what you gonna do.

Anyway, don’t let me fool you into thinking it was only me:

[ Deborah Miranda, Linda LeGarde Grover, and Eric Gansworth]

Was a supercool time. Even got to hang with my editor, who acquired Mongrels:

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Mongrels interview

Or, This is Horror podcast? Both? I think so. Two-plus hours of it, so there’s enough for both titles, I think.

Was a great time, talking to Michael and Bob—Bob who already reviewed Mongrels, here. Werewolf novels, they find the werewolf people, yes? Yes.

Click the pic to go to the place, or, if it’s somehow not there, then click here.

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Werewolves in the ABQ

bkworks sign

Do people say that, “IN” the ABQ, the same way people will identify with a certain area code? Really, I kind of doubt I’m the proper age to try it out, even if it is a thing. But the three-digit rhythm feels right, anyway. As did Mongrels at Bookworks:

And, what was cool? They broke out ALL the yellow books:

What else was cool was seeing an ex-student there (hey, Sarena!). And Lee Francis, to talk comic books long after the books were signed (I’ll be at his in November). And—get this—a Blackfeet, all the way down here. And Ryan Singer, to take this pic:

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Mongrels at the Cocteau Theater


Good time last night at the Jean Cocteau theater in Santa Fe:

Here’s the write up of it at grrm.livejournal.

Was my first time to try Mongrels out on people out loud. Always scary, but always fun, too.

Also fun—pulling into town seeing this:

Also fun, getting to hang out with this cool guy again:

That drink, too? “Hair of the Dog,” special for Mongrels. In a — you guessed it: A Game of Thrones glass.

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Mongrels merch


The talented and cool Figbar Lonesome, one of the early readers of Mongrels, has taken the time and effort to make some excellent Mongrels stuff available to us all at RedBubble and Society 6:

And if your predilection is more for a cup you can plant in the middle of the table to show off to the whole diner:

Also comes in other colors:

And there’s also pillows and hoodies and prints and and and: more designs coming!

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WestWord, Young Werewolf

WestWord SGJ

Both the coolest cover and the coolest write-up. Cover photo by Anthony Camera, write-up/interview by Jason Heller:

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Mongrels Events


Six days out from going on the road a bit with Mongrels. Here’s the where and the whens, in order from first to last, with a couple extras at the end, extending into June. And, all the images, click them to go the place:

GRRM’s cool theater down in Santa Fe, this Saturday:

[ this one / above was originally May 10th, yes—had to reschedule. apologies for any difficulties or near-misses ]

Bookworks, down in Albuquerque

Library of Congress, Washington DC

Tattered Cover, with Richard Kadrey

Boulder Bookstore, here in Boulder land

Murder by the Book, Houston, Texas

Sneaking in to, you know, sneak a last-minute reading in. Wild Detectives, Dallas land. Click to go the place:

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The Moon is a Harsh Mistress

[ click ]

[ click ]

Chapter one of Mongrels, a-live and kicking:

Or: paste.

It’s on Facebook now, but it’s through Scribd, I think? So, there may be some more direct way to link/embed it, not sure. Scribd is new to me.

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