Few things posting

Starfest/Horrorfest 2012 -- I Was a Zombie Judge

New interview’s live up at Curiouser and Curiouser.

New story, “Dedication,” up at Smokelong. It’s the first story for Short Story Month, too. So cool.

Why I Write” is live at Stymie.

I lucked onto Adam Cesares’ Daily Grindhouse list.

Couple more places got ahold of Zombie Bake-Off in the most wonderful way: Booked Podcast and Chizine‘s Chioroscuro.

And, another interview’s live on Monday. Or, in a mag — but maybe live. And cool. And secret for now.

And, Growing Up Dead in Texas: e-book’s out on the 12th, here. Paper a month after that.



  • Jesse

    Way cool on that Daily Grindhouse note. Just scrambled to get my hands on that THE DAY BEFORE book, but it looks to be pretty expensive, and pretty scarce too.