*AUTHOR GUEST POST* I asked author Stephen Graham Jones the question, “Which horror book would you recommend if someone wanted to read a great story and follow it up with the movie adaptation?” Here’s his answer: 🍃 “Scott Smith's The Ruins: This is a knockout novel and an excellent film. It's got unity of place (one hill), unity of time (three bad days), and economy of character: six, where some are just grist for the story mill, and one of them's kind of the final girl for this slasher build. If you're looking for gore, you've found it. If you're looking for moral revulsion, here you are. And if you're just into creepy crawly whispery evil plants, then this is the book for you, this is the movie you want to cue up. Stephen” . SGJ is the author of one of my favorite reads this year, Mapping the Interior and also a book currently on my nightstand called, Mongrels. I hear it’s a very unique werewolf tale and I’m excited for it. You can check out his website, the link is in my bio and follow him on Twitter “SGJ72” 🍃🤘🏼 #stephengrahamjones #theruins #scottsmith #horrorbook #horrorhound #horrorfanatic #authorinterview #mongrels #werewolf #mappingtheinterior #author #guestpost #motherhorror

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