Slasher Boy Bands, much etc

I’m always either finding these in my inbox or searching them up myself. And they never fail to make my day. Got any more, let me know. Always hard to select which version of “Let the Bodies Hit the Floor” to include, as there’s so many.

[ it doesn’t thumbnail every vid, just plays them all in a line. or, you can hit next track, jump to where you maybe want to be. or just click here to see it on youtube. and, for the master list of Jason vids: this is it ]

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Halloweenie Flicks

Say it’s four days before Halloween, and you want to cue up some Halloween happiness, kind of sample across the subgenres, try out two or three different tones. Here’s what I rec:

Murder Party

My favorite horror is always closed-door horror, And Then There Were None style. This isn’t quite as twisty as Agatha Christie, but it’s eighty minutes of hilarious gore, set on Halloween night.

Ginger Snaps

Of course I’ve got a werewolf movie shuffled in, here. My favorite of them all. And when Ginger’s partway wolfed out, and walking in what feels like slow-motion through that Halloween party? I want to be her so bad, right there.

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Slasher season 2

I never even reviewed the first season, did I, from when this was a Chiller show? It was fun. It was kind of a ‘grown-up’ slasher. Well, it wasn’t teens-at-camp, anyway. The victim pool’s problems weren’t “what about curfew?” or “where’s the party,” but real, mortgage-paying actual-life kind of problems. There was a wicked knife, a wicked mask, some solid gore (well, runny, chunky gore), and an opening scene on Halloween night that’s to die for, or, you know: from. And Slasher wisely brought across one of the actors from Harper’s Island, so that we can feel confident that these creators know what-all’s come before (HI being, in my unhumble estimation, as good as the slasher’s got so far, on the small screen). If you’ve forgot the particulars of that first season, you can remember most of them just by watching the old trailer (the seven sins, have to go to the prison to talk to yesterday’s slasher, a house-with-a-history, an art gallery . . .).

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New York Times & Mapping the Interior (& me)

What am I doing in these hallowed pages, right? I mean, by my reckoning, it’s been about forever since I’ve been in the NYT. Thinking . . . 2003, maybe? All the Beautiful Sinners. And that may have just been an ad that Rugged Land bought—I’ve got it stashed away somewhere—so it doesn’t really even count.

Anyway, nice to be in Terrence Rafferty’s “Roundup of New Horror,” all kind of branching off Richard Matheson’s stuff. Will read through it again, but I think I know nearly everybody in that roundup, except King and Bulkin.

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