Late Footnote on that Innovative Fiction Post

Really, just two passages I’ve stumbled onto these last couple of days. The first is from Eric Miles Williamson, a guy I really respect because he can seriously write. On the editorial board of some mystery-press a couple of years ago, I read a book of his in manuscript which I still think of just a whole lot, and wish I’d kept my copy of. Can’t even remember the title of it, even. But it really got to me. Anyway, East Bay Grease is of course what he’s known for, but none of that’s what I’m doing right now, here. This is all I’m doing — pulling a chunk from this piece he did for the LA Times:

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Lost & Found

Can’t find the message now, but I remember somebody asking in my inbox in some webmail on some pirate connection over the last three weeks or so where that old “T is for Title” post was. Well, just dug through the database for a ridiculous time, but found it, revived it, here.

Also, in looking for it, I noticed that that “Randomer & Randomer” post was jacking up the format for the whole site. So, it’s fixed now. Less space-efficient, but all in all happier too, so I can’t complain too much.

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Just real fast here

  • The new Clackamas Literary Review‘s out and about. My “The Parable of the Gun” story’s in it.
  • Another Demon Theory review way up at Toronto’s own Globe & Mail.
  • Just spent a week and change in a hammock watching the waves around Galveston, but, if I’m double-spacing correctly in my head (where you subtract title pages and epigraphs), I’m a good seventy-plus pages into the new novel. Considering doing that Three-Day Novel Contest again, too. However, I am about to get lost in Ledfeather edits — very last round — so who knows.
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    These Things Happen

    Misjudged when Monk was coming on last night somehow, so had an hour to kill, and, yep, accidentally started writing a new novel. Bad thing too is that my new MSWord has this running wordcount on the bottom. First time I’ve had that in a few years, now. Anyway, current count, 4,097. And I’m really and truly and honestly going to try to keep this one under two hundred pages. Already having just all kinds of fun with it. As for the title, content, all that, I’m all superstitious again, after giving that all away with Ledfeather and then it taking me nearly two months to write, which is, like, generations for a grasshopper, I think, and eternity to a fly, so, instead, just a little math problem with pictures, which, if you already know the novel like I do, just gives everything away :

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    Randomer and Randomer

  • Looks like I’m up in Massachusetts — that how you spell it? so much easier just to say “MA” — this February 7th, for a reading. More as, I don’t know, it stops being more than half a year away, I suppose.

  • A friend lent me that Paris Review with the King interview that I was talking about last time, and, yep, it’s excellent. Too, a very cool JT Leroy interview in there as well. And some good poetry by a friend, John Poch.

  • Just read that How to Survive a Horror Movie. Pretty excellent. section’s like “What To Do If Your Corn Has Children In It.” Nothing but fun. I especially dug that movie listing at the end, with commentary. Too, had I known about this book, that quiz I rigged up forever ago would have probably wound up looking pretty derivative. Not nearly as fleshed out, anyway.

  • Also, what in the world is this about? A new Star Trek? Is that sacrilege? I mean, not on par with Paramount having a remake of Footloose in the works, but still, I mean, wow. Nothing against Zac Effrem, the new Ren — Effrem was good enough in High School Musical, I say — but c’mon. Where could anybody find another Ariel? Another Lithgow-as-priest, or, especially, his perfect perfect wife, who holds her husband by the upper arm and says in her squinty whisper of a voice to Just let them dance?

  • I thought it was very cool that, at the end of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, there’s a “continuity editor” listed in the credits, acknowledgements, author’s note, whatever it was. And also, of course, loved that book, the series, the experience.

  • And, if you like your porn without any of that distracting sex in it, then this might be for you. If you can tolerate it. Kind of like watching Cannibal: the Musical, just without any of the song & dance numbers. Except this is worse. Much.

  • Evidently this is big news, but who knew: Twilight Zone: the Movie on DVD.

  • Too, keep your eyes open for BQueen’s review of FLIGHT OF THE DEAD. Looks like a pretty original premise.

  • Talking horror movies, too, Trick ‘r Treat looks to be pretty excellent.

  • Too, looks like I’m going to be part of a horror remake roundtable thing here before too long. Where & when soon.

  • I seem to have said ‘excellent’ three times here, in the space of just a single post. Strange things are afoot . . .
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    Star Wars 1-3

    A few years late weighing in here, but sometimes it takes a while for things to click. Anyway, yeah, everybody hates Star Wars 1-3. Maybe not because of what or how they are, but as compared to 4-6. And of course a lot of that’s just how nostalgia’s about the worst beer goggles out there. Not to say anything bad about 4-6, though. Far from it. I think they just have the big advantage in that they do what Vonnegut and Gaimain and about every good writer says to do, when making a story: start as close to the end as possible. Another way to say that is that all the set-up’s just really boring, in any story. We don’t need the senate minutes. And yeah, it’s cool to see all the core cast when they were young, but, too, that’s just another form of nostalgia, I think.

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    Links that are Fit to Link

    Never been just all over Bukowski’s stuff — no real excuse, aside from lack of taste, I suppose — but this is about as good a poem-reading as I’ve heard/seen.

    Too, like everybody’s been saying, yep, 3.75 million for a vampire trilogy. Or, like everybody’s been bemoaning? That too. Hopefully not because of ‘vampires,’ though, or ‘literary.’ I mean, this is the dream, right? So maybe the moaning is because of jealousy. Or because, as a friend mentioned, that’s a hundred other worthy books which now won’t be published. But to be that one, I don’t know. Don’t think I could turn it down on principle or anything. Too, what I’m excited about this deal for is that, I mean, we’ve got Max Brooks shuttling the zombie where it belongs, into non-fiction, we’ve got Charlie Huston taking the vampire into noirish territory, we’ve Joe Hill taking the haunted house novel on the road and Cormac McCarthy following that road into the postapocalypse, (I’ve yet to hit Raw Shark Texts, so can’t include it here) and then here soon Toby Barlow’ll be revamping (wrong word) the werewolf. It’s a wonderful time to be writing is what I’m saying. I mean, if you’re writing stories that aren’t boring.

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    Leslie Vernon Lives


    Man, except for re-hitting ReAnimator the other day — and maybe even including it — Behind the Mask: the Rise of Leslie Vernon is far and away the best horror I’ve seen all year. Best I’ve seen since Feast, really.* And Feast is that holy kind of good for me. The only time I plan on being this horror-movie happy anytime soon is come fall, when we get the sure-to-be-beautiful All the Boys Love Mandy Lane. Cannot wait for that one.** Though I do suspect I’m going to have to.

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    Eat More Chicken


    or however those cows spell it. Anyway, the new & cool Bust Down the Door and Eat All The Chickens is out*. I’ve got a piece in it, Anthony Neil Smith does, Joey Goebel, and on and on (I’m guessing it’s just vanity or something that I put my name first, there — or, that I know how to type it just really really well).


    *far & away the best title of any magazine ever. only contender, even, I think, would be Failbetter.

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    No More Hard Candy Shell

    amazon's dt

    which is to say the Demon Theory trade paperback’s in the atmosphere. And, according to Amazon (or, the American link), it looks to have gone radioactive. Which I can’t say nearly as cool as The Firm said it, once and forever. Anyway, as to what-all’s different in this one, man, just too much to list here. It’s been re-proofed, re-typeset, just had all kinds of re-stuff done to it. For half the bucks, too.

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