Stoker Final Ballot

Hey, I’m on it.

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Timber . . .

Couple new stories up in the debut of Timber, “The Bridge” and “The Wisdom of Solomon.”

Also, Juked‘s put “Snow Monsters” up in the 2011 Million Writers Award.

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Couple of TOCs I’m lucky enough to be in posted today, Creatures, edited by Paul Tremblay and John Langan, and Bestiary, edited by Ann and Jeff Vandermeer.

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First Stop Fiction

a very cool place. I like the idea, too, of stopping at the first, you know, ‘stop.’ think it’s what I always do. and, got a story up there, “Seafood.”

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Publisher’s Weekly

from Publisher’s Weekly:

The Ones That Got Away
Stephen Graham Jones, Prime (, $24.95 (256p) ISBN 978-1-60701-235-1

Thirteen horror stories, most originally published between 2005 and 2010, make up Native American writer Jones’s second collection (after 2005’s Bleed into Me). Several stories feature children coming of age: in “Father, Son, Holy Rabbit,” a father and son, stranded and awaiting rescue, sustain themselves by eating a magical rabbit over and over again, while in “So Perfect,” 17-year-old girls lose weight by poisoning themselves. A standout western-zombie mashup, “Lonegan’s Luck,” twists the trickster trope when fate takes down a murderous snake-oil salesman. In “Crawlspace,” original to this volume, an infant taps into his father’s mind, waking up screaming when his dad reads horror. The story notes collected at the end of the book provide insight into Jones’s writing process and will particularly interest aspiring fiction writers. The twisty endings, villainous characters, and truly shocking scenarios make several of these disturbing stories truly unforgettable. (Mar.)

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These are, I don’t know, between fifty and ninety movie-type reviews I wrote back in 1999 or so. Pretty much the exact same few months I was first writing DEMON THEORY, yeah. Anyway, I only messed up on a couple. Stigmata‘s one of them, I think. But I got a couple right as well, maybe: Fight Club, American Beauty, and Unbreakable and American Pie 3 made me happy with what I’d written for American Pie and Sixth Sense, respectively. Anyway, I’d still be doing this, except that it uses the exact same part of my brain that writing fiction uses. And I like to write fiction more, I think.

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Platte Valley Review

couple new stories up at/with Platte Valley Review. “Girls” and “Bulletproof.” they’re in great company, too.

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Second Cult Interview

Because it’s been three years, right? The last one was IM, I think. This one’s phone. And, many thanks to Joshua Chaplinsky for, on the transcribe, pulling out all my “ums” and “errs” and “[unintelligible]s,” of which there had to be legion. He even made me sound like a person who occasionally remembers he’s in a conversation. No small feat, that.

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Kato Land

almost missed it, but my Green Hornet review‘s up.

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Niteblade Interview

is live live live. all burning questions will be answered in some fashion.

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