In other news . . .

Just finished writing the novel I started the day that Cult workshop went over (21 June; really I finished Friday night, I suppose, just before Monk). It Came from Del Rio. Nothing but fun. Planned to go no more than 240 pages, and then just went 285, which is something of a record for me, staying that close to the blueprints. Anyway, it’s a story of a father and a daughter, of a rabbit and a zombie, a border story which deals with the traffic both of narcotics and weapons of terrorism. And yeah, it splashes down Sixth Street a time or two, yelling everybody’s name.
subtitle: “an Epistolary Slasher Novel.”

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Demon Theory updates

  • Shocklines is selling some autographed copies of Demon Theory. Click the image to go to the page. Also check out their forums. Between them and DreadCentral, if you can’t get your horror fix, then it could be that you’ve got a pretty serious little habit there, and might want to look into some rehab, possibly at an abandoned asylum or something, or maybe at least spend a week or so at the lakeside campsite of your choice. You might want to be bring some gauze, of course And maybe leave a properly notarized will with somebody.
  • Also, couple of new reviews, looks like:
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    Charles McCarry

    Just finished Charles McCarry’s OLD BOYS, which, like the rest of the Paul Christopher series, just absolutely blew me away. The guy’s not just a good storyteller, he hammers his prose, too. Usually you get one or the other.

    A sample line:

    She had the wary unwavering eyes of a woman who knew how attractive she was but wanted no sign from me that I might have noticed this too.

    I’m not sure or even suspicious that it gets any better than that. After reading it, too–and this was just because I didn’t want the experience to be over, so was trying to wring the book for every last word–I finally got around to the back cover. Elmore Leonard, Peter Benchley, Norman Mailer, etc. First, though, right at the top, one of the best blurbs I’ve ever seen:

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    The Demon Theory / Horror IQ

    Finally rigged it up, here. It’s in Javascript, so hopefully your browser’s got that turned on. No cookies, though. And, the only possible glitch I can see, really, aside from not knowing the answers, is that if you’ve got your screen-resolution set too low, then things might get a little bit hinky. Which is the first time I’ve ever used that word. And yeah, it’s not set up to take comments/corrections/answers, so, if you’ve got any, just leave them under this. Don’t worry, though — there’s no essay questions.

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    Demon Theory book trailer II: The Sequel of the Remake Attacks

    like I haven’t done this with every banner etc. but, anyway, yep, polished the trailer up in a few ways, and it’s here now:

    I’m leaving the old one up as well, though, for those who might have preferred it.

    too, am going to do one more thing (talking digiswag) for Demon Theory as well. a quiz-type thing. just still deciding whether to do it just in text, in javascript, in flash, or whether it might be fun to just make it into another trailer. leaning towards either text or the trailer right now, as both of those aren’t interactive, so require a lot less debugging, ie, allow me more time to write this new novel I’m already thirty pages into here.

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    a very brady horror film

    well, okay, Pinhead’s maybe not a true and classic slasher. but he’s got the look, anyway, and has been pretty vital to this project we call horror. was going to synch some music up with this, but have no clue how, without going the Flash-route. anyway, the bigger version’s here.

    as to why I killed two hours of my afternoon making this:

  • it’s lead-in for a Horror-IQ type quiz I’ll be posting here, as soon as I get a copy of Demon Theory, so I can track down the necessary page numbers (provided I keep it rigged like that–where it requires page numbers)
  • tomorrow morning, fates willing, I’m meeting somebody in town, so I can finally, for however long the moment lasts (we’re talking horizontal time here, not vertical–ie, clock-ticks, not depth or intensity), hold that box I keep my heart in, Demon Theory.
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    I don’t know anybody who’s got their Demon Theory from Amazon or Barnes & Noble yet, but, as of today they’re both showing it’s available, or, available-ish, anyway. And, I mean, if they’re selling it, it must be real, yeah? Exist in what we all agree is an objective reality? That is, it’s not just in my head, isn’t just some yearslong dream I had, and keep having. Or, too, maybe mine’ll somehow wend its way to me on this day, and some prophesied-against circle will be complete, and, being matter, I’ll touch the antimatter it must be and then stand in the middle of some bloom of light and power, which’ll crater the crust of the earth a little, to say nothing of space or time. It’ll probably really mess my hair up.

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    Devil in an Aerostar, or, The Omen (not a review)

    Just because I don’t write reviews anymore. Just because they seem to use the same part of my brain I use to write. Anyway, The Omen: a remake in a year of remakes, yeah. Not quite as ‘reinterpretive’ as When a Stranger Calls and not quite as ‘faithful’ as Psycho, but, too, I’m not yet confident it’s the ‘improvement’ The Hills Have Eyes might have been (not that Craven messed up or was hamstrung by budget or any of that, just that it was a nice surprise, finding that I cared for that little monster girl at the end). Too, though, I do appreciate how much Father Spileto was a dead ringer for He Who Must Not Be Named, But Can Be Played Pretty Effectively by Ralph Fiennes. And the visuals and effects and acting were all good, I guess (I’m always so pulled in by story that, unless any of that’s bad enough to push me out of the experience, I don’t notice it–as it should be, I think, yes. Isn’t this how the score’s supposed to function as well?).

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