SAW 3D status-sized review: best installment in the series in a while, now. Story’s tangled, sure, but not AS tangled. 3D’s fun, but not MY BLOODY VALENTINE fun. Gore’s over the top, Rube Goldberg’s working overtime from the grave, Jigsaw’s forever, but, all that aside, I’m finally getting a sense of this franchise: it’s caper movies bloodied UP as horror. And completely fun for that reason. Very recommended, even if the open…

So, I saw that Paul Tremblay and Jesse Bullington threw down the seventy-four movie gloves, so I made up a list last Wednesday, then promptly blasted off for Minnesota without posting it, only just now remembered, thanks to Travis Hedge Coke’s list of ten. Also, I really wanted to read their lists, but really didn’t want to steal from their lists. So, as soon as I post this, I’m tabbing over, inhaling a hundred and fifty-eight titles. See what-all I missed (ahem: Pan̵

(Fun and Gore, really)

Horror movies, for all their excess and transgression, are every bit as rulebound as the romantic comedy. Maybe even moreso. This Night of the Demons remake is no exception. There’s the big rules that have to be followed, like punishing the stupid: those who think having a Halloween party at the local scary house is a good idea. And there’s the smaller dynamics, like making sure the character peddling drugs doesn’t get out without paying, in blood…

Last summer — months after everybody else then as well — I finally hit LET THE RIGHT ONE IN, and was so completely impressed. To say it better: I was so impressed that the movie adaptation seemed pale to me, incomplete, boring. Which isn’t at all to say it wasn’t a wonderful film (I dig the American remake as well), but to say that no way was it matching up to the wonderful experience the book had been.

So, now, the last few days, I devoured HANDLING THE UNDEA…

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