Cemetery Dance stories

Another one coming out there, one of my favorite stories of any I’ve ever written. so, to sum up the forthcoming Cemetery Dance stuff:

  • “Raphael,” in #55 (right about to be out–might be out exactly when DEMON THEORY is, really)
  • “Hell on the Homefront Too,” sometime later
  • “Father, Son, Holy Rabbit,” some other time.
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    ATBS script

    rigged this up in just under 14 days, I think, a while back. I’d just finished reading that graphic novel which I suddenly can’t get the full title of: Thirty Days of Night? vampires, Alaska. lots of brilliant writing. anyway, at the end of the trade pb–not even sure it ever came out single-issue–there’s a sample of the script, and I really like the idea of writing in panels. so rigged ATBS up that way. a much leaner version. as for why that ‘electronic version’ watermark-thing: just staying legal, as best I can. that’s why it doesn’t print, or save, or send, too, sorry. Click below to read it (in PDF):

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    Penn State audio

    this has something to do with football, yeah?

    All I knew about Pennsylvania before the last couple of days was what I’d read in Pynchon’s Mason & Dixon. It’s the place with those big pretty barns, though; I know that now. Anyway, touched down about four in the afternoon, after getting up at 3:30 to catch the plane out of Lubbock (only got to sleep a couple of hours before that, too). My old/first writing prof was waiting for me there. Hadn’t seen him for years, I guess. Anyway, I said this in some interview a while back, but then it didn’t make it to the final version, but, reading his stuff for me’s just haunting, because I know how the words are all going to fall, because, I don’t know: because he taught me, I guess. got to me when I was even more impressionable than I am now.

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    Upcoming & Current

  • another story in Cemetery Dance. a zombie-piece. too, if you don’t subscribe to their newsletter, I’d recommend it. if you’re into horror, I mean. lots of the bargains/sales they’re always doing, then intervws and reviews and all that good stuff.
  • an interview on Misnomer. looking like it’ll post there tomorrow. was a blast to do, and hopefully I didn’t say anything too terrible.
  • too, the first review of DEMON THEORY‘s out, in the April Texas Monthly (not sure if it’s on the shelves or not yet; like Francis Dolarhyde, I found the early copy at the airport [unlike Sir Dragon, I was on my way to PA, for a reading]). it’s very cool. wouldn’t be surprised if a piece or two of it ends up on the cover (of DT, which I’d guess is at the press right about now). and, as for release dates, Amazon says the 18th, and maybe they know?
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    Demon Theory sneaks

    Just realized we’re T-minus four weeks on Demon Theory. Usually by now galleys/ARCs would have been floating around, but, gremlins being what they are, we’re holding our breaths for the final copies instead. Which might make it all cooler, even.

    Still, though, I feel kind of bad about not giving any sneak peaks.

    So–and yeah, this may get pulled, as I’m kind of doing it without permission–here’s twenty or thirty of the first pages of DEMON THEORY. The first is in FlashPaper, which I’m just stumbling upon; it’s supercool. The second’s just a standard PDF. I would hand it out just as straight text, but, yeah, the formatting would explode, I’m pretty sure.

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    “Texas Writers on Texas Writing”

    This was a panel from the AWP conference. Think the stardate was 9 March, 2006, about 1:30 in the breathless afternoon. A big room with these draping chandeliers, and some ice cold water in metal pitchers (and, luckily for my whispering self, a mic). The write-up of the panel, from the schedule-thing:

    Where Genre and Non-genre Meet: Texas Writers on Texas Writing. Just because you’re from Texas doesn’t mean you write Westerns. Contemporary writers of horror, mystery, science fiction, and other genre and genre-inspired literature talk about the influence of Texas on their work, the effects of place and culture, redefinitions of ‘Texas’ on writing, the space between genre and nongenre literature, and how from Robert E. Howard, father of Sword & Sorcery, to the present, the wide Texas landscape has inspired more than stories of cowboys and cattle herds

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    Demon Theory update / thanks

    I touched Demon Theory for the final time last Monday, at about six minutes shy of seven in the morning. It’s maybe at the printer’s now. Still an April 13th release, as far as I know. But yeah, people keep asking for galleys, ARCs. The story of that: all the formatting explosions Demon Theory started (typical software and 2006 processor speeds can’t contain the thing it is) kept pushing ARCs back more and more, until it was pretty much too late to mess with them. So, review/advance copies are going to be the real and true hardback, final versions, just with the UPC blacked-out or something. Which works for me.

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