Last summer — months after everybody else then as well — I finally hit LET THE RIGHT ONE IN, and was so completely impressed. To say it better: I was so impressed that the movie adaptation seemed pale to me, incomplete, boring. Which isn’t at all to say it wasn’t a wonderful film (I dig the American remake as well), but to say that no way was it matching up to the wonderful experience the book had been.

So, now, the last few days, I devoured HANDLING THE UNDEA…

[ no ISBN yet, Steve, so no purchase point, no cover you can release, what am I supposed to do here, loser? ]

you can post a thumb of the author photo, yeah?

[ yeah, whatever. I’m sure that’s exactly what everybody wants ]

and, and I’ll kind of do a write-up that’s not a write up about the book, maybe?

ones that got away
from the back of the book :

it’s this dad, this dad on the lamb, hiding down in that old fugitive myth of Old Mexico, when he’s offere…

I remember, I remember

I remember

The night Grindhouse opened, I somehow lucked into sitting there at the Alamo Drafthouse, where the cups were special that night, matched the movie somehow, and the trailers, man: Hobo With a Shotgun, Thanksgiving, and Machete. Danny Trejo not just in a bad-ass role, but inhabiting that character. Explosions and blood all over the place. Robert Rodruguez taking El Mariachi and giving him a blade, not a pistol.

And now that trailer that could…

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