The Minotaur at the End of Love

hey, because somebody over at the Velvet asked for it, I dug up an old story I’d wholly forgotten about, sucked it into flash, put it in that little story list to the left, here. I remember writing all these, this ‘office’ series of stories. ‘Amateur Hour’ was in there, as was that ‘Jumpers,’ still forthcoming. seems there were some more, too–‘Doesn’t Play Well With Other Children,’ I recall very clearly–but who knows where they all went.

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Austin schedule

first, the whole event: AWP Conference.

next, my part:

  • Thursday March 9th, 10:00 – 10:45: a booksigning for Bleed Into Me. I’d guess this’ll be at the University of Nebraska Press table in whatever big room’s got all the tables/journals/etc.
  • Thursday, March 9th, 12:00 – 1:15: a panel (“A Reading by the Faculty of Texas Tech”). not sure if it’s posted yet which room this’ll happen in, but there’ll be schedules, signs, all that stuff, so it should be easy to find.
  • Thursday, March 9th, 1:30 – 2:45: another panel (“Where Genre and Non-Genre Meet: Texas Writers on Texas Writing”), this one with Craig Clevenger and Joe Lansdale and I’m not sure who else. Should be a good time, though. I mean, there’ll maybe be a pitcher of water there anyway, which I’ll need, from running over from the last panel . . .
  • 7:00, there in the hotel, one of the reception rooms: a party hosted by Texas Tech. food on platters, cash bar, that type thing. not sure if it’s invite-only or not, but I’d guess I can get people in the door somehow (if I’m there [see next bullet])
  • 7:00, in room 408, same hotel (I think), I’m reading aloud with some FC2 people. or, not ‘with,’ like a chorus, but in sequence with, anyway. not sure of my order in that line-up or what I’m reading, or how I’m going to both host one party and provide diversion for another, but, I mean, I did grow up on Three’s Company, so of course know that what seems to be both wholly inadvisable and geographically impossible is often really just the optimum setting for some prime comedy, or at least an antic or two.
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    Forthcoming fiction, &etc

  • “Raphael,” in Cemetery Dance
  • “Jumpers,” in Fresh Boiled Peanuts
  • “Adultery: a Failing Sestina,” Behind the Short Story
  • “The Fatherland is Rich and Varied,” Liquid Ohio (but they’re on hiatus or something…)
  • twenty definitions in Home Ground: a Literary Glossary of the Landscape and Language (Trinity University Press) (Barry Lopez, ed.)
  • also was supposed to have a zombie-piece published at Halcyon, but they haven’t updated in two months or something, so I’m not holding my breath or anything…
  • too, a story Flyways picked up forever ago (“The Wages: an Argument”), then did who knows what with, Controlled Burn‘s putting it out here soon, along with a Bleed Into Me review and a mini-interview.
  • other than that, only other forthcoming thing I know of’s that Cult interview, linked over to the left here. I’ll post all the upcoming AWP readings/panel fun under Events before too long, here, and would guess, with Nick or somebody’s help, we can have audio and video of the stuff up within the week, anyway.
  • [ of the note to self order of things: mail stuff out. I always forget to do this. have, I’d guess, between twelve and eighteen stories just sitting on my hard-drive doing nothing ]
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    More words I wished I’d written

    was paging through a few-months-old notebook and stumbled on this, which I’d copied down from Antonia Quirke’s bfi book on JAWS. brilliant, brilliant stuff:

    There are two types of monsters. The first is our incarnation of fear. King Kong, Dracula, Godzilla. The other, of which the first sharkless hour of Jaws is a supreme example, is the inflection of the whole landscape with fear. Virus horrors, the Maryland woods of the Blair Witch, Hanging Rock. In the first type the monster is an irruption of the unnatural into the world. But the second type inverts this. The unnatural presence is us. Incarnated monsters usually punish a specific fault. Inflected landscapes make being human the fault. We’re the guilty ones and fear any punishment is justified. (p.44)

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    ATBS :: Bewitched

    No excuse for it, I’m sure, but somehow I missed BEWITCHED when it was at the theater. I mean, I loved the series–it’s kind of been instrumental to my whole identity-formation-thing (it and I DREAM OF JEANNIE)–but had doubts they’d be able to cast an Esmerelda as good as the original. if I’m getting the name wrong, I’m talking about the mom-in-law there. Anyway, just got this in my inbox, from a friend: it’s a still from BEWITCHED, that has ATBS in it. kinda cool. click on it for the big image.

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    Demon Theory in the Cage catalog

    cage catalog

    hey, just realized that maybe all of you (or, one of you, or, hi mom, I don’t know) didn’t have the cool MacAdam/Cage catalog like I do. so I stuffed the Demon Theory pages in the scanner, which was a lot more complicated than I’d anticipated, the catalog being oversized, but, after I got everything straightened out, wound up with some 12MB img, which is ridiculous to try to make clickable. so I sucked it into a PDF, which you should get if you click the image here.

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    Glitches, etc

    if you click somewhere and, I don’t know, something bad or unexpected happens, or if you’re having trouble with some form, with display in some browser, anything along those lines, put a comment down under this if you want, please. We’ll try to get on it (where ‘we’ = ‘I’).

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    Site FAQ


    see the Author faq.


    still playing with that, when I can remember to. have ‘’ and ‘’ writing themselves over ‘’ for a while, if that’s the link you clicked to get here. but yeah, the three domains/URLs/addresses: they all resolve to each other, are the same thing. no worries.

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