Mad Hatters at the Cocteau

Good time this weekend in snowy Santa Fe. That’s me in the slash hat.

What you can’t see? There’s slashers all on the hatband:

Guess Ghostface is kind of criminally tilted (sorry, Billy and Stu), and the jewel of them all is the werewolf, but slashers on a Slash hat is the real joke. Werewolves? Werewolves are never the joke.

Anyway, we talked Alice and “Alis” (my story. we all talked about our own stories, to start things off) and I think I misreme…

Ghost Town Writer’s Retreat

Think I’m gonna have to make this an annual thing. Great time this long weekend, starting with me getting to my first panel late:

It was “Haunts & Nachos,” but really it was Travis Heerman and me just answering any and all horror questions we could for an hour, whilst it rained and stormed outside—this is Colorado in July/August; that’s the way all the days are, pretty much. But it cleared up enough for burgers and exploring Georgetown. Of which I h…

Past Couple of Weeks

have been full of events. Feels like I haven’t been wheels-down since Denver Comic Con, about. Had three deadline stories to jam down along the way, and trying to finish a novel besides. But, of course: wouldn’t have it any other way.

Anyway, at Tattered Cover Lodo . . . last week, I think it was, I got to talk to Andy Davidson about his excellent Texas/serial killer/vampire novel In the Valley of the Sun:

Then, the very next morning, with help from the audio X-Files Co

Denver Comic Con 2017

I remember, roundabout . . . 2009, 2010? sitting in the back room of a comic book shop with a lot of the people who would go on to make DCC, and we were talking about what if we did something, some event, do we think anybody would come? Turns out, 115K people will, yep. So glad DCC’s making it and making it well. Also? This doesn’t mean DINK Con doesn’t rock as well. They’re both excellent. And StarFest and MileHiCon too.

Anyway, I only really logged in here to …

My shortest interview EVER

And, you can’t tell, but I’m standing on an actual red carpet, here. My first ever red carpet. Talking to John Palisano before the Stoker banquet on the Queen Mary in Long Beach, for StokerCon 2017.



StokerCon 2017

It was the best of times . . . and then it got really good.

Was here for StokerCon 2017 this weekend:

But I never really saw it from that exact angle, or all lit up like that. Really, here’s the angle I saw it from:

That’s me reading “Dear Final Girls” at the Shades & Shadows event. And here’s a game of Werewolf the Apocalypse I got to public-play with the creator of the whole phenomenon, Bill Bridges, along with, after Bill on the far left, George R…