Couple things from birdland

Hey, a clutch of the ones you don’t see all that often, and definitely never together:

Recording of this coming soon, I have to imagine:

Fort Lewis

Kind of fell in love with Durango. Here’s some few snaps (by Jesse Peters) from my run through there, last couple-three days:

Recordings, Interviews . . .

I’m on here for the first half, so, I tried to be, you know, really there . . .
I think I’m on at about 17m, and maybe elsewhere? anyway, will be in later eps, too, sounds like (wearing this same shirt, same background)
had to duck out early (a

Upcoming Events

I mean, hopefully. Not in the sense that they might get cancelled, but in the sense that they may have already happened? But, if I catch that, I’ll delete.

Some few events

Which, alas, I don’t have time to pretty up, can just drop the links I have. But, I’ll try to stack them in order, anyway:

Chainsaw recordings & interviews
Q&A: Stephen Graham Jones, Author of ‘My Heart Is A Chainsaw’