Best Articles from . . . Lately

Decided to do this as a list this time, instead of letting some of them auto-embed—felt messy, having both kinds of links/previews. So, here’s the best of what I’ve been reading lately:

Best of 2018

Which is going to be a movie/TV-heavy list, for the first time ever. Not because my tastes or habits changed—fiction on the page is still and always where it’s at for me—but because, since I’m now judging for the World Fantasy Awards for 2018, it would feel a bit . . . weird and unclassy, I guess, to be saying what my favorite books of the year are.

However, I can slap a couple of novels up here that in no way could get submitted for a World Fantasy Award. So:



Best Reads from Lately

I used to screencap these into the monthly best-of posts, but when I started doing those as galleries they ended up getting shrunk to illegibility, so I lazily & loserly gave up. So, this is me trying to reverse that: the best articles I’ve been reading, that I can A) still clearly rememberer, and B) actually FIND. So, some of them self-embed, don’t ask me how, and the others I’ll just put the title/link up in a list, below. That doesn’t mean they…

Caves. Caves Caves Caves Caves CAVES

Here’s hoping a Neanderthal fingerbone or a Denisovan tooth turns up a few strata down. It’s how the world changes. Well, it’s how our perception and understanding of the world changes. Couldn’t be more excited. Would so, so be into ducking down into this one. Except, it’s big enough that no ducking’s required, looks like:

Coolest News Since the Last Coolest News

So excited for this. Every day more excellent and vital and compelling stuff is turning up. Well, that makes it sound passive. Dedicated scientists are FINDING this stuff more and more lately. And, I mean, look at this: symbols and art from 100,000 years ago. Boggles my mind in the best way: