Coolest News Since the Last Coolest News

So excited for this. Every day more excellent and vital and compelling stuff is turning up. Well, that makes it sound passive. Dedicated scientists are FINDING this stuff more and more lately. And, I mean, look at this: symbols and art from 100,000 years ago. Boggles my mind in the best way:

The Deer & the Owl

Hey, this tweet got enough hearts that, were it Link, he’d now be functionally immortal. But I guess this is A link, anyway:

Anyway, yes, I subscribe to that philosophy. It’s a big reason I have so many scars, so many injuries, why I’m on so many daily pills in these my creaky years. Doesn’t stop me from collecting more scars and injuries, thoug…

Encino Man Cometh

Every time I see this, I get excited all over. Because? If a wooly rhino can be frozen in a frozen place for 39,000 years, then . . . so could a Denosivan. I mean, maybe a Neanderthal too, but Denosivans were in the more tundra-ey places, so I think they’re the better bet.


This is some cool stuff. And, I can see it being used as kind-of support for what I keep hearing: that we sapiens-types evolved not in a single push from heidelbergensis or so, but in both Africa and Asia from erectus. Just, as with these spiders, we ended up so much the same that we then mingled up and became what we are today. Really? I do think we found ourselves in Asia when we came up out of Africa, but I kind of doubt we’d evolved to be that similar—though, yes, with primates, …