AWP reading

Guess I did two readings at AWP this past weekend. Well, two readings and one panel. Of the two readings, anyway, this is the one that happened to get recorded [ the other reading was at the FC2 party; I read “Faberge,” that piece that’s out in Third Coast right now ]. anyway, I forget what-all I read for this reading. lots of short, one-paragraph type stuff.

And, many thanks to thirstygerbil for manning the camera. ( he was also kind enough to snag that panel, th…

Some more upcoming

  • A piece I read at AWP, “Lunch,” 32 Poems picked it up. they ran that little “Hansom Is” piece, that used to be posted as a sample on the old site.
  • A long / nother science fiction story, “The Man Who Would Cross Time,” Juked just picked it up. They’re the place that ran that “Zombie Sharks with Metal Teeth” story. Cool place.

These just out

“The Wages: an Argument” is out now in the current CONTROLLED BURN. also in there’s a BLEED INTO ME review, which kind of just sums up why I even ever wrote the book, and a little five-question interview. kind of like Kilbourne used to do when the Daily Show was his.

“Adultery: a Failing Sestina” is reprinted in BEHIND THE SHORT STORY, by Todd Pierce and Ryan G. Van Cleave. Though I’ve yet to read the essay-thing I wrote about revision, if I u…

The Minotaur at the End of Love

hey, because somebody over at the Velvet asked for it, I dug up an old story I’d wholly forgotten about, sucked it into flash, put it in that little story list to the left, here. I remember writing all these, this ‘office’ series of stories. ‘Amateur Hour’ was in there, as was that ‘Jumpers,’ still forthcoming. seems there were some more, too–‘Doesn’t Play Well With Other Children,’ I recall very clea…

Austin schedule

first, the whole event: AWP Conference.

next, my part:

  • Thursday March 9th, 10:00 – 10:45: a booksigning for Bleed Into Me. I’d guess this’ll be at the University of Nebraska Press table in whatever big room’s got all the tables/journals/etc.
  • Thursday, March 9th, 12:00 – 1:15: a panel (“A Reading by the Faculty of Texas Tech”). not sure if it’s posted yet which room this’ll happen in, but there’ll be schedul

More words I wished I’d written

was paging through a few-months-old notebook and stumbled on this, which I’d copied down from Antonia Quirke’s bfi book on JAWS. brilliant, brilliant stuff:

There are two types of monsters. The first is our incarnation of fear. King Kong, Dracula, Godzilla. The other, of which the first sharkless hour of Jaws is a supreme example, is the inflection of the whole landscape with fear. Virus horrors, the Maryland woods of the Blair Witch, Hanging Rock. In the first

ATBS :: Bewitched

No excuse for it, I’m sure, but somehow I missed BEWITCHED when it was at the theater. I mean, I loved the series–it’s kind of been instrumental to my whole identity-formation-thing (it and I DREAM OF JEANNIE)–but had doubts they’d be able to cast an Esmerelda as good as the original. if I’m getting the name wrong, I’m talking about the mom-in-law there. Anyway, just got this in my inbox, from a friend: it’s a still from BEWI…