13th Night

13th Night centers around a colorful cast of college-aged characters visiting the First Folio on its tour to the University of Colorado Boulder. They get swept up into a mysterious and magical force that is wreaking havoc on the order, purpose, and sense of Shakespeare’s work. With their own lives in various degrees of peril, the youthful entourage calls on their knowledge of the Bard to set things right and preserve the First Folio so all may continue to enjoy it. Embedded throughout this engaging story are lines and references from a number of Shakespeare’s works found in the First Folio. Scorpio Steele’s dramatic visuals truly bring this experience to life” — PopCulture Classroom

Read it here.

This is a cool Shakespeare comic book CU got some of us (listed below) to do for the First Folio coming through. Was a great party. Don’t know why I never made a book page for it like this — better two years late than never?

Author: SGJ