StoryFest 2022

Nothing but a good time. A few social media snapshots etc I snagged:

Storyfest 22

also, though this tweet is dated later than this post:

Scares that Care 2022

Couldn’t have been a better time. Even got gifted an action figure for The Only Good Indians:


And I saw my dream-knife up close, with the glass taken away:

and, in the lobby of the hotel, there was about the coolest Pac-Man machine I’ve ever stumbled across:

(I didn’t play)

And got to take snapshots with a whole cavalcade of wonderful people:


Couldn’t have been a better time. Flew into Madrid, trained up to Avilés, hung with friends, made new friends, swam in the ocean, did panels and interviews, went to other panels and interviews, and walked many streets. This was my first time in Europe, but I’m back again next month (London, Paris). So, here’s the avalanche of tweets—no time to harvest the snapshots out, put them in a gallery. And . . . most of them aren’t mine like that anyway. Will star…

StokerCon 22

It was just a couple hours long for me (not counting the dinner and the party)—COVID got me—but, what there was, it was great: