So cool to be there again. Last time I was there I wasn’t just signing a cart of Mongrels, I was wearing a Mongrels shirt:

Looks like I also had more hair on the sides of my head then too. Okay, and darker hair. The last couple years, man, th…

I’ve been there before, some three or four times, and it’s always been nothing but a ball, but being a GoH (thanks, Rose Fox!), that was completely different. Not only was my schedule super-super packed:

my lanyard wasn’t actually long enough for my 47-year-old eyes to see this, though . . .

But I of course had a handler, a chaperone, Nightwing Whiteshade, who . . . rememberer years and years back, when I used to say I’d wear pirate shirts more if I had mor…

Always great, being in Seattle, wearing a Batman shirt, being at the University Bookstore, having fun at the mic with seventy or eighty readers and writers. Thanks to all these cool folk for snapping pics, posting them up:

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