San Antonio Book Festival

(I somehow never posted a recap of this. had it ready, just never made it live . . .)

Started out telling stories on stage:

Believe the events shows up as a podcast in a couple weeks.

And, next day, POV from the stage:

LA Times Book Festival 2023

Couldn’t have been a better time:

Snapped a shot of the crowd from my angle, too (this is after the Q&A, after a few folks had stepped out):

Horror at Camp Holiday Trails

AWP 2023

Such a good time. Hadn’t been in . . . maybe eleven years? Nice being back. And, Seattle’s always cool—caught Between Two Knees AND Scream 6 there, and slouched past the Space Needle Two Moons climbed once upon a story. And? Had one of those Chipotle-for-lunch and Chipotle-for-dinner days, which are pretty much the best days of all (this is my default when I’m not with people, or being chaperoned around).

What pics etc I stumbled upon:

2023 American Indian Festival of Words Writers Award!

Just back. Another whirlwind thirty-six hour turnaround, but, man, got to talk with so many cool and excellent people, got to be part of the coolest awards ceremony—singing, drumming, storytellers, veterans. It was this:

read about the award: /

Not really Reaper tour anymore: Missoula!

Such an honor to get to do this event in downtown Missoula, at the museum. Standing room only—there was even a spillover area (I see now):

(not against buns in hair, but mine’s not that: just, wearing some gift-stuff)

And, wow, to be introduced by Lois Welch and Chris La Tray:

And then it was off to the reading races. Hit a couple small pieces, then it was “Attack of the 50 Foot Indian”:

And, most amazing: Lois Welch gifting me this, that hung above James Welch…

Interviews and Recordings and Podcasts from lately

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