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Boulder Bookstore / KGNU tomorrow!

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When in Spain, 2023 version

Was there in November—Madrid first, then Barcelona, right up until Turkey Day here in the States—but started that vampire novel right after, so: am only just now posting the media from that week and a half there. Not sure where all the photos &etc ended up, but, here’s what I find, scraping Twitter:

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Vermillion, South Dakota

Great time, great people, cool bookstore (Outside a Dog). Couple pics by Doug Murano, then some shots from the crowd. But, first, the smallest, elkiest little corner of some amazing murals, downtown:

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Colorado Festival of Horror

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ALA 2023 in Chicago

Great time, great people (librarians), great con:

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Hollwood Squares

Here we are in an image:

Here we are in a clip:

Full recording viewable for free here:

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San Antonio Book Festival

(I somehow never posted a recap of this. had it ready, just never made it live . . .)

Started out telling stories on stage:

Believe the events shows up as a podcast in a couple weeks.

And, next day, POV from the stage:

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Guess I’m a little late to get this on the site—happened a month ago, at least?—better now than never:

pics etc here
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