All the Pretty Slasher Stuff

This all the slasher stuff that USED to take up the middle of The Last Final Girl‘s page. Still some links &etc over there, too, but it’s all LFG specific now, to keep that page from getting too thick.

What that means for ME, though, is now I can just go even more hog wild with the slasher stuff HERE. I expect this page to get longer and longer—a go-to to me any time I, you know, maybe have some time, need some clicks.

And? Y’all let me know if any of these are now dead-ends, or somehow wrong. Don’t want this page to get old, just bloody:

[ actually? a slasher music video playlist here. master list of Jason here ]

And, this is fourteen minutes, sure, but if you watch it over and over all day like I do, then it’s actually twenty-four hours long:

And this, thirteen times over:

As well as more like this:

And this as well, please, yes, always:

And this is one of the best short films in the history of ever:

Jason and friends, yukking it up:

And this is a pretty cool bodycount link. Not all and only slashers, but a lot of iconic horror, anyway. And the header-image is the tattoo I want on my forehead:


[ also, um, I’m going to need another forehead ]

And, okay, the only videogame I play as regularly as I can is Galaga, but, man, this might steal my heart, and some coins, if I can figure out whatever magic way it is a person acquires videogames in this day and age:

Author: SGJ