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Lagging behind . . .

should have been putting up all the Angel reviews, tour photos, but . . . can’t seem to keep up, these last couple weeks. hopefully soon, soon. for reviews, anyway. kind of doubt I’ll get around to scrounging all the tour-shots into a single poster. so it goes.

in GOOD news, though, I got the site-header working, finally (now just to update that pic to include Angel and Teen Slasher and, maybe [if it’s not there], Ice Age). yet to mess with Events in the sidebar.…

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Site health: much better

Same theme—I need one with A) menus at the top, B) branching submenus, and C) a right panel/column—but everything’s moving much faster now. Upgraded my WordPress hosting stuff, cleaned up a lot of stuff behind the curtains, and . . . I can finally again do galleries, I think. A little test, just using random recent stuff:

Works, I think. Works differently than it used to, in that it auto-selects different image-sizes (thumbnail, “large,” all that), but it…

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Back to it soon (the site)

Been ignoring everything I could get away with ignoring since Dec1: started a novel that day. Finished Saturday. Think I said on X or BlueSky that it’s my first vampire novel, but . . . realizing now I actually wrote another back in 1999. But it wasn’t good enough even to mess around rewriting. Some novels you write just to learn, yes? How it is for me, anyway. Wrote my first werewolf novel that year too, which wasn’t good enough to send out. So it goes. Like that p…

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Nearly forgot

on my best of 2023 list, I’d somehow left nonfic off. it’s there now, a month later.

and, now need to drop a random image here, to keep this post from disappearing:

(wish I knew the artist, here. just found this randomly in my downloads folder. guess I stumbled across it on social media or somewhere)
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New WordPress Theme!

Did it kind of arbitrarily well after midnight a night or two ago. Figured the old one, being a 2017-theme, was probably dragging a lot of slowdowns with it.

But? Could be some new and unfun bugs, I guess. If so, let me know somehow? A reply to this post, maybe?

And, not yet sure about the header image, my name top-center, all that. What’s there now was just temporary, while I was live-previewing this theme. Haven’t gone back and done anything better, yet. Maybe I̵…

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Slight delay in this month’s best

because: I’m on the road for a few hours yet, and my laptop’s conked, and been conked for about six days, now.…

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/End new construction zone

Which is to say: all those Pages I had to turn into Posts, that automatically feed into this space (four of them, I think), this should be the end of that. Unless, of course, I find some more that the new theme doesn’t play nice with. And, hopefully-hopefully I adjusted all the sluglines/URLs such that previous links still link . . .

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Brief mess-up

I hope? Just noticing that, since I updated themes, some of the bookpages are formatting oddly (Chainsaw, Mannequins, Memorial Ride, “Wait for Night”—all the recent stuff). Can’t figure why . . . yet. I think it might have to do with them being Pages instead of Posts (here in WordPress). Will investigate when I have time, here. Apologies in the meanwhile for any weirdnesses.


Edit, update: yep, this theme’s displaying WP Pages . . . wei…

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Cleaned up the story links

Needed to find a story for somebody, made a wrong click, stumbled into a dead link, and found that, over the last three or four months, man, a lot of those story links have quit going anywhere good. Apologies for that. I miss “Bestiary” being out there, readable. And, goodbye to “Hemingway Hills in the Afternoon,” a story I wrote in the late nineties, I think, about a new puppy we’d just got, and would have for thirteen years. “The Ones who G…

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Bad Link

Well, really, links plural, but the visual gag doesn’t work in the plural:

[ lou93 @ deviantart]

Anyway, just took a fast and dirty click-tour through the Stories category here, and, man: lot of ancient, broken, go-nowhere junk. Sorry about that. Should have cleaned it up years and years ago. Hopefully will get to the other categories before too long. In the meanwhile, if you click something and it goes, I don’t know, to some defunct Geocities pages, feel free to l…

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