Don’t Fear the Reaper

Book 2 of the Indian Lake Trilogy

Jade Daniels is back, but so is someone else: Dark Mill South, a legendarily bad killer.

It’s winter, so Proofrock is frozen.

And, who survived My Heart is a Chainsaw, and what’s left of them?

Just like last time, the bodies are piling up fast, too fast, and somebody’s got to figure it out or stop it, or, first, just even try to survive.

Alliances will be formed, blood will be spilled, secrets will be revealed, and, at the center of it all: Jade Daniels.

Is this her moment, or is this her goodbye?

Coming August 2nd, 2022.

Excerpt at CrimeReads. Pre-order at Simon & Schuster, or wherever you get your books.

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