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Best Reads from Lately

(trying to do these more regularly, so they don’t get so loooong)

A Brief Visual History of On-Screen Text Messages in Movies and TV

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When in Spain, 2023 version

Was there in November—Madrid first, then Barcelona, right up until Turkey Day here in the States—but started that vampire novel right after, so: am only just now posting the media from that week and a half there. Not sure where all the photos &etc ended up, but, here’s what I find, scraping Twitter:

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I know X is terrible now—”now,” yes—but every once in a while, you can still find something amazing and perfect and timeless:

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What used to be tweets

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Halloween 2023

Wife wasn’t in town to do fancy make-up for me like usual, so had to fall back on an old standard. In stages:

Was fun walking around campus, catching looks from the undergrads like, Geez, grow up already?

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