This paste-in isn’t going to be as bulletpoint-neat as before, with quotation marks and titles. But that’s just because I skipped a month of posting these, so they kind of built up, became a job. Anyway, for some reason some embeds create blank space right after them, which is kind of unkillable. Sorry for the weirdlookingness, and the occasional bulletpoint for what would seem to be no reason, but really that’s the only way to keep the link from trying, and …

From . . . man, about 2005 until maybe 2011? 2012? there were so many of us there. Pre-Facebook, sort of alongside MySpace and the other bulletin boards (I remember being somewhat active on Shock-Waves too—think that’s what it was called). Anyway, just dredged this up from an ancient-old folder. Cool to see it again. Still have matching stickers, too:

But, of course, The Velvet went away, as good things will. Worse, it just blipped into nothingness—no archives left ove…

what this is:

last week, maybe the week before, I don’t know, I had a lot to write, so figured to keep myself somewhat on-task by making myself log down what-all was going on. this is that—closing down files, found it off to the side. just added the images and stuff. and, to be sure, this isn’t a success-story week: wrote a lot, but not exactly what I needed to be writing.


done for the moment with The Only Good Indians copyedits, just finished up months and months …

is mostly, it looks like, gags on tv and in movies. But it’s so perfect, yes? So wonderful. It makes me feel, and, isn’t that what it’s about?

And, the poetry I need:

And who knows, maybe the exact seahorse unicorn …

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