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( “X”-landia? )

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Conan Conan Conan (the Barbarian, Cimmerian . . . )

Usurper, Conqueror, etc — I finally got to write him! Could not be more thrilled! I’ve done non-fic on him, but never fiction. Finally, though. Here’s the cover for my story “Lord of the Mount,” coming September 26th from Titan:

link to write-up:
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Hadn’t even thought of this:

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Or, now, I guess: “X-Landia?”

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Bluesky, nothing but blue skies . . .

Forgot to say: I’ve been mostly here lately, for social media. Verymuch digging the no-gifs, no videos, and, at least less of the Nazi types? I mean, so far, Bluesky isn’t doing that Rupert Murdoch thing of “fear gets eyes,” which, man, makes for a much more pleasant experience. Don’t get me wrong, Bluesky’s still having some issues (not necessarily with architecture/functionality—more with keeping those with bad intent from smea…

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Best of my June 2023

maybe the first of these I’m posting three days late? oops.

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Couple recent things
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