From . . . man, about 2005 until maybe 2011? 2012? there were so many of us there. Pre-Facebook, sort of alongside MySpace and the other bulletin boards (I remember being somewhat active on Shock-Waves too—think that’s what it was called). Anyway, just dredged this up from an ancient-old folder. Cool to see it again. Still have matching stickers, too:

But, of course, The Velvet went away, as good things will. Worse, it just blipped into nothingness—no archives left ove…

what this is:

last week, maybe the week before, I don’t know, I had a lot to write, so figured to keep myself somewhat on-task by making myself log down what-all was going on. this is that—closing down files, found it off to the side. just added the images and stuff. and, to be sure, this isn’t a success-story week: wrote a lot, but not exactly what I needed to be writing.


done for the moment with The Only Good Indians copyedits, just finished up months and months …

is mostly, it looks like, gags on tv and in movies. But it’s so perfect, yes? So wonderful. It makes me feel, and, isn’t that what it’s about?

And, the poetry I need:

And who knows, maybe the exact seahorse unicorn …

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