The Horror (office)

Just noticing that the old pano of my office at Cutbank, it’s out of date—I’ve gone standing-desk. But there’s some Q&A there, still, that’s not here.

Anyway, to update, with TWO panoramics, as I can’t seem to spin slow/fast enough to do it with just one:

Yeah, I think I suck at keeping the phone at the same level/height. So it goes.


But that’s me standing over in the middle. Here’s what I usually see, rice bars and basketballs and Chris Ware and all:

And here’s what everybody in the halls sees—my phone won’t get high-res enough to make it actually seeable, so I took four pics instead. There’s some overlap. Click each image to Whatasize it:

And? I have strong suspicions that my tape-job keeping all that up is doomed to fail. There’s eight years of tape on there, I mean, layer upon dried-up layer, and my office is right by the door to outside, meaning there’s temperature changes and wind and who knows what-all trying to seduce all this groundward. It will, at some point, all calve off, and then get swept up by the night crew. At which point I’ll just have these four pics. And then I get to start all over again.

Oh, and that zombie face lower right, that’s me, via Stan Yan. And the poster behind it all used to be District 9. I guess it probably still is?

Author: SGJ