what this is:

last week, maybe the week before, I don’t know, I had a lot to write, so figured to keep myself somewhat on-task by making myself log down what-all was going on. this is that—closing down files, found it off to the side. just added the images and stuff. and, to be sure, this isn’t a success-story week: wrote a lot, but not exactly what I needed to be writing.


done for the moment with The Only Good Indians copyedits, just finished up months and months …

Feel like I’m always talking about what I’ve seen and read, but never about what I WANT to see and read. So, this is that, though I’ve been so lost in World Fantasy reading and a not-announced (I don’t think) reading thing that most of what I want to read is already out (except John Langan’s Sefira, but I’ve already got a copy of that). Well, okay, King’s got a new one here shortly, doesn’t he? I’ll be all over that, of cour…

I’m thankful to the first Goosebumps movie for two things: 1) being a very fun movie that doesn’t insult its young target audience by making everything hunky-dory, and 2) without it, I’m not completely sure we get this adaptation of Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.

And, before I get further into this: I somehow didn’t grow up terrified by this collection of stories. Neither the art nor the fiction, both of which I hear were great. But, man, I was alway…

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