Talking about season 1, episode 14, “Gender Bender.” You remember: the white-clay sort-of “Amish” one?

Anyway, it seems to share a lot of the themes and imagery with Midsommar : free love/lots of sex, fun with distorted/altered perception, big serene meadows, but, too, a lot of the beats line up as well: there’s interlopers in this long-isolated commune, there’s a handy showcase of “what we do with our elderly,” there…

Guess I should have stacked these into animated gifs—take up less space that way. But, in lieu:

Man in the High Castle s.4

Breaking Bad s . . . .2, I think?

Dracula ep2

( and, um, yeah, I just pause stuff on my television screen, creep up with my phone, angle it around to cut the glare / jack the perspective, and snap away. but it works. I mean, for my/these purpose . . . )

Once again, I let this get to be an unwieldy enough stack of links/reads that to slow down and make them into a pretty and proper list would keep me from revising the novel I’m revising. So, in all their likely awkwardness, with apologies for some embedding, some being URLS, some shuddering into some completely new and unlikely form, here’s my best reads from . . . lately:

Didn’t mean it to happen, but a post I started on here a few years ago became kind of a dumping ground for all things The Shining. Or, for weird things The Shining? Talking about this. But, more intentionally now, I’m going to start piling all my Jaws stuff here. And? There’s always more Jaws stuff. There can never be enough Jaws stuff. Starting with this cool find:

Or, a missed opportunity? What got me thinking about this was that fish we see Luke carrying in The Last Jedi, that he evidently speared with that super-long spear. That fish that, for a planet that kicks up Thala-sirens (those Suessian things he milks) and frog nuns that look straight out of a live-action Emmet Otter’s Jug-Band—

—is a pretty normal fish:

And by ‘normal’ I mean ‘in keeping with the Earth-fish I know,’ yeah. But? This could of co…

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