The Year in Movies

For me, anyway. However, the caveat — movies I haven’t seen yet:

THE HURT LOCKER: the title kept me away, yeah. very undescriptive. or, maybe makes perfect sense afterward, but none before.
500 DAYS OF SUMMER: dug the trailer, did the actors, heard great stuff about it, but, being not-horror, it kept slipping down the list.
THE FANTASTIC MR FOX: I still trust Wes Anderson. will see this one before too long, here.
ANTICHRIST: man, the Green Goblin and some scene that’s supposed to scar me forever. maybe eventually.
THE ROAD: liked the book, but, I mean, it was sad enough that I don’t know why I’d want to experience that again, in a theater of people.
DEAD SNOW: nazi zombies? my only excuse for not seeing this was proximity (well, lack thereof). I think it’s DVD now, though. excited.
SHERLOCK HOLMES: so it’s Holmes as a Victorian John McClane. I can handle that.
THE BROTHERS BLOOM: the trailer doesn’t make me want to see this, but what people have been saying — sure. okay. maybe.

and, my favorites, in something like descending order:

STAR TREK: very clever, letting these characters we know and love now unfold in a different universe. I’m there for all of what comes.
AVATAR: 3D IMAX. nothing not to love.
DISTRICT 9: I want a prawn tattoo. anyway, this just consistently, persistently escalates. so impressed.
17 AGAIN: I mean, it’s IT’S A WONDERFUL life, pretty much. only ridiculously funny. would watch it over and over and over.
WATCHMEN: Carla Gugino was cast perfectly in this — or, she played Silk Spectre as well as Maggie Gyllenhaal played Rachel in DARK KNIGHT. well, okay, almost.
PARANORMAL ACTIVITY: still scares me.
BANDSLAM: I don’t know why this isn’t higher on this list. I need to petition somebody. I mean, if only the music in here had been as heavy as in SCHOOL OF ROCK, man: perfect.
INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS: if I’m mis-spelling that close to correctly. and, Brad Pitt’s southern Italian at that premiere, man. it was SNATCH-worthy.
ALIENS VS MONSTERS: so well-written. unlike UP, yeah, which traded dynamic writing for heart-string pullery. which, I mean, that’s effective, sure. but not a story.
SORORITY ROW: red herrings haven’t been used this well in a slasher for quite some time. well, I mean, not since the MY BLOODY VALENTINE remake anyway. but this is cleaner.
JENNIFER’S BODY: Diablo Cody’s dialogue, I’m completely in love with it. also the device which turns Jennifer demonic was about excellent as well.
DRAG ME TO HELL: nothing but a good time, and, I mean, the big reveal/ trick which ends it, I didn’t see it coming at all.
RACE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN: have watched this I-don’t-know-how-many times already. the story’s so clean, so balanced, paced so well. very jealous.
so, guess that’s thirteen instead of the usual ten. so it goes. it would be fifteen if I could count 2008 movies I’m only just now catching on DVD (ROLE MODELS, IN BRUGES, and I mean, I’m only, who knows why, just now watching 2007’s DIARY OF THE DEAD (and loving it)).

and yeah, no indie-stuff, right? reason: Boulder’s got no indie cinema, except on the shelves, months later.

Author: SGJ