Halloween Through the (some) Years

Seeing everybody post their costumes from last night’s parties—last night being the last Saturday before Halloween—and then looking ahead to the coming week, when it’s looking like the heavy snow and extreme lack of tolerable Fahrenheit may be keeping me bundled up instead of costumed up to the extent I like, I figured to maybe peel through some costumes from the last few years, anyway. Well, starting with eighth grade, here:

No clue what I’d been before I evidently lost the costume, dialed back to my usual ‘half shirt and jeans’ cool-dude costume.

Anyway, jump ahead just a WHOLE lot of years, into the digital era, and . . . okay, was going to say something about each one, but how I just drop them into a gallery, and put the year over each?

2016 also (w Sarena Ulibarri, MileHiCon)

So, yeah, some missing years (how can I have lost 2017 already? AND not remember?), and some definite themes: Jason, pirates, top-hat skullface, tall-cool boot covers. And every time I FIND some old random Hallopic, all my captions/years self-erase. So, as/when/if more turn up, I may just stack them in a new gallery below, all unchronological. But at least in one place, sort of. Anyway, there’s always cameras out when it’s Halloween, of course, so there’s snapshots around, meaning pics exist. Just, it’s finding them . . .

Anyway, my standby, which I do all through the year, is of course always:

(took this at my computer the day Wes Craven died—I’ve got SO many Ghostface getups)

More important: hope everyone’s Halloween is scaretastic, and, whether your costumes come out like you saw it in your head or not, it’s about whether you’ve got that costume inside or not that really matters. And if you’re here reading this, I’m guessing you do.

Stay spooky,


Pics I randomly find in out of the way albums and directories:

Author: SGJ