Dark Stars Cover!

And Scream in four images:

And one spi…

Holiday Horror!

And, I should say: before we started recording, my question was, “So . . . is this ABOUT horror set on the holidays, or is this called what it is because we’re recording here IN the holidays?” Worked out great, though: wonderful people, excellent moderating, good signals/connections all around — this is all you need to make a panel work.

Too Many Slashers?

Nope. Not possible. But, the last ten or eleven days, I’ve been inhaling one or two a day. All Golden Age stuff (well, a little spillover). Started with watching The Thirteenth Guest from 1932 (I’m always looking for roots, for beginnings), and then I jumped ahead about fifty years. And, yeah, where’s My Bloody Valentine, right? That’s just because I watched it not long ago. And of course I’m always watching Friday the 13ths and Halloween and …