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The kind of Scream-thinking I go for

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Scream 2

had no idea:

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What used to be tweets

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Halloween 2023

Wife wasn’t in town to do fancy make-up for me like usual, so had to fall back on an old standard. In stages:

Was fun walking around campus, catching looks from the undergrads like, Geez, grow up already?

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KillR™ mask!

About the coolest thing ever:

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Best Reads from Lately

The Matawan Man-eater: The real-life inspiration for Jaws

Blackfeet/Niimíipuu actress Lily Gladstone on the verge of stardom


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Slasher Nation!

Such a thrill and an honor, getting to do this:
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Dig the poetry
archived it here (for if Twitter goes away)
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