This all the slasher stuff that USED to take up the middle of The Last Final Girl‘s page. Still some links &etc over there, too, but it’s all LFG specific now, to keep that page from getting too thick.

What that means for ME, though, is now I can just go even more hog wild with the slasher stuff HERE. I expect this page to get longer and longer—a go-to to me any time I, you know, maybe have some time, need some clicks.

And? Y’all let me know if any of these are now dea…

Just like last year, I had this idea that doing a monthly post would make it a snap to figure out my best of the years: just scroll through, it’ll be obvious. I wish. Though it does make it easier to remember stuff from before summer, say. So, without further whatever, and by category, and including stuff I only FOUND in 2019, and just going plural for some instead of staging ties:



easy choice, obvious choice, c’mon. this one’

This one just keeps getting made, doesn’t it? Anyway, being not just a not-fan of cult horror, but considering it kind of my custom-made nemesis, I was kind of blindsided by this one a bit. Will link a very even-handed review below, but, for anybody who likes the message here, maybe not the wrapper? I suggest one of the more amazing stories from last year, Kelly Robson’s “What Gentle Women Dare,” over at Uncanny, which just keeps on with the amazingnes…

This paste-in isn’t going to be as bulletpoint-neat as before, with quotation marks and titles. But that’s just because I skipped a month of posting these, so they kind of built up, became a job. Anyway, for some reason some embeds create blank space right after them, which is kind of unkillable. Sorry for the weirdlookingness, and the occasional bulletpoint for what would seem to be no reason, but really that’s the only way to keep the link from trying, and …

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